ACH Audits 

The NACHA Operating Rules require financial institutions and third-party senders to complete an ACH audit every year.

Financial Institution ACH Audit

Both State and Federal Examiners recommend your annual ACH audit be performed by a party outside of your ACH department. Maintain compliance and impress your examiners by having a consultant, from PAR/WACHA’s trained staff of AAPs, perform your annual ACH audit. PAR/WACHA is viewed as an industry leader in the performance of ACH audits. We offer a full-scale audit program to help ensure your complete compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules.

Why have PAR/WACHA perform your 2017 ACH Audit?

  • We will provide a thorough review of your ACH Operations including your policies and procedures
  • Your staff will be trained throughout the process
  • Your PAR/WACHA Consultant will be on-site to answer specific questions and provide an outside perspective
  • Solutions will be recommended to ensure compliance and that you have sufficient risk controls in place
  • Recommendations will be made for operational efficiencies
  • Compliance with 31 CFR Part 210 and The Green Book will be assessed and discussed
  • Post-audit you will receive a detailed report of the audit findings with recommendations to remedy any exception areas

    Discounts Available!

  • First Audit with PAR/WACHA - $200 Savings
  • Audit Booked and Completed Before June 30th - Over $100 Savings
  • Ask about our discounts for consecutive audits with PAR/WACHA!

We are available to perform your audit at your convenience. Please call today for a pricing quote and to schedule your annual ACH Audit.
Phone: (262) 345-1245, toll free at (800) 453-1843

Third-Party Sender ACH Audit

Third-Parties in the ACH system are currently a hot topic because of the additional risk they pose to the ACH participants. In 2011, the NACHA Operating Rules added the requirement for third-party senders to conduct an annual ACH audit based on the applicable sections of Appendix Eight. In addition to the requirement, since your financial institution is responsible for your third-party sender(s), it is critical that you know exactly what they are doing and that they are in compliance.

Maintain compliance and mitigate your risk by contracting PAR/WACHA to perform the annual ACH audit on your third-party sender(s). Your third-party sender(s) will receive the same quality service of PAR/WACHA’s full-scale audit program that is designed to uncover areas of noncompliance and risk while offering mitigating controls and solutions.

Please call today for a pricing quote and to schedule the 2017 ACH audit for your third-party sender!

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