Payments Peer Group

Payments Peer Group

PAR/WACHA’s new Payments Peer Group program is designed to encourage information sharing and industry knowledge amongst your peers. We have found that our Members can benefit greatly from the collective experience of our Member Base. The questions can range from operational procedures and fraud prevention methods, to uses of common third party applications. To get started, Click here!  

The Mark of Excellence

WACHA, is a direct member of the National ACH Association (NACHA), a specially recognized and licensed provider of ACH education, publications and support. WACHA is also directly engaged in the NACHA rulemaking process and the Accredited ACH Professional program. Look for the Mark of Excellence, it's our promise of truth and consistency.

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Temporary Toll Free Number for PAR/WACHA

As we transition to our new phone system, we have a temporary toll-free number. Please use 1-844-583-3888 to contact PAR/WACHA. We will complete our transition shortly and will let you know when to use the traditional toll-free number again. Thank you for your patience.

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NACHA has released Operations Bulletin #1-2017

This ACH Operations Bulletin provides information to Participating Depository Financial Institutions and their business customers about a specific type of social engineering fraud that is targeting public-sector entities. Fraudsters have used these social engineering techniques to manipulate public-sector entities into redirecting legitimate vendor payments to accounts controlled by the fraudsters. Although any business entity could be the target of this type of social engineering attack, public-sector entities seem to be specifically targeted because their contracting information is often a matter of public record.

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PAR/WACHA and Georgeson Are Bringing You Unclaimed Property and Escheatment Solutions!

Banking assets are the number one remitted property type in most states. Not only does this deplete the assets under your management, ever-changing unclaimed property laws also leave banks and credit unions at risk of non-compliance, which can result in significant fines and penalties. With PAR/WACHA by your side, we can help you retain assets and reduce your risk of non-compliance.

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