November 2009 Competition Results

November 2009 Competition Results


Monochrome Prints

1st           Gerry Allen, The Louve at Dusk

2nd         Darlene Yeager-Torre, Ominus Sky

3rd          Gerry Allen, Three Creeks Moon Rising

4th          Tom Zegler, Stopping by the Farm on a Snowy Eve

5th          Jim Mitchell, Grandma's For Thanksgiving

HM         Doug Goodwin, Smile

HM         Tim Patterson, The Old Farmer

HM         Joseph Wagenhals, Country Morning

HM         Cherry Williams, Going to Seed

HM         George Clark, I See You


Color Slides

1st           Charles Bowdle, Break in The Weather

2nd         Janice Postlethwaite, Hinge

3rd          Dick Wood, Drner Detail

4th          Ted Stone, Butterflies

5th          Denise McCracken, Foggy AM

HM         Audrey Begun, National Cathedral, DC

HM         Charles Bowdle, Cement Sticks

HM         Janice Postlethwaite, Mom's Yellow Rose


Color Prints

1st           Darlene Yeager-Torre, Veteran's Day

2nd         Dave Dillahunt, The Rack

3rd          Linda Kennedy, Rusty Bucket

4th          Joseph Wagenhals, The Price of Sin

5th          Tom Ziegler, Zoom on the Old Mill

HM         Sharon Telatnik, Natures Twisted Beauty

HM         Al Siegel, Spring Comes to Inniswoods 2

HM         Tom Ziegler, Fall on Track

HM         Ted Stone, European Grandmother

HM         Dick Wood, Red Barn Siding

HM         Jim Snyders, Scratching My Back

HM         Frank Begun, Gold Finch


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