November 2008 Competition Results

Category A (Advanced/Expert)

1st - Skeletal Remains by Tim Patterson
2nd - Groundhog Lookout by Clyde Goad
3rd - Elephant by Andrea Fitch
4th - Inn at Lake Logan by Ted Stone
5th -Old Car by Dan Barr
HM - Bearin' the Load by Geo. Clark
HM - Are We There Yet? by Geo. Clark
HM - Boy with Hat by Dan Barr
HM - One by Dave Dillahunt

1st - Game Day Excitment by Chris Strickling
2en - Morning on Michigan Dunes by Lynn Barr
3rd - Reflections by Eric Erickson
4th - Fairyland by Lynn Barr
5th - Road Home by Dave Dillahunt
HM - Another Photographer at the Asian Festival by Ted Stone
HM - Mine by Paul Becker
HM - Serenity by Nova Weller
HM - Winter Sunset by Dan Barr
HM - High Flyer by Dick Wood

1st - Fall Leaves by Ted Stone
2nd - Pacifa by Paula Hardin
3rd - High Mountain Pasture by Charles Bowdle
4th - Back Roads by Charles Bowdle
5th - Boats in Harbor by Gerry Allen
HM -Rainy Fall by Denise McCracken
HM - Morning Dew by Darlene Yeager-Torre
HM - Sunset at the Green Dock by Paula Hardin
HM - Black-Eyed Susan by Janice Postlethwaite


Category B (Beginner/Intermediate)

1st - Hosta by Doug Goodwin
2nd - Thailand by Naveen Chandrashaker
3rd - Little Girl at Comfest by Kirk Strobinski
4th - Going Nowhere by Crystal Tursich
5th - Slate Run by Doug Goodwin
HM - Ghost Leaves by Dick Manassa
HM - Madonna by Steven Luebbers

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