Recovering a Lost Document

Ever lose a document that you know you have some where in your computer? Well I did that and it was an important, not easily duplicated document so I was determined to find it.

Since I knew I had created a word document, I went to the most obvious place. I opened Word and selected "file" before anything. Normally the last three items you accessed or created are listed there. This normally is a great way to get right to it. But it was not there. I assumed I had not saved it but still hoped I had.

My next option was to use the search feature from the Start menu. This works great if you remember what you named the file. However if you are not even sure you saved it remembering the name is unlikely.

I discovered something I had never noticed before - the date range in the search function. The "when it was modified" option was the perfect solution since I did know when I created it. I entered my date ranges and voilà, the file was found. I guess the moral of this tech tip is to read the options presented.