WF&FSA Box Standards

Advantage Series on Standard Box Sizes for Wholesale Business

The WF&FSA Operations Committee has endorsed common box size standards for the industry, in order to provide simplification and accuracy in our supply chain process. The situation we have today is that the industry, with the exception of California, has few standards in box sizes and that situation is causing inconsistencies in freight efficiency and cost calculation.

To provide an example please look at the following:

Box A=41 x 10 x 9 box size packed 20 bunches is a 2.13 cubic foot half box
Box B=40 x 10 x 8 box size packed 20 bunches is a 1.85 cubic foot half box

If you are paying 2.00 per cubic foot, including fuel surcharge, to a transportation company from Miami, then the freight cost per box with the same contents inside is of course more expensive for Box A. While the difference may be relatively small per bunch, summed up over thousands of bunches, the difference adds up.

Freight cost Box A per box packed 20= $4.26 (per bunch .213)Freight cost Box B per box packed 20= $3.70 (per bunch .185)

We often mention the fact that this is a pennies business and here is a real example where you gain a 15% decrease in your freight costs from Miami by shaving off an inch or two from the overall box dimension, without sacrificing anything to the contents of the box.

The WF&FSA Operations Committee is endorsing common box sizes, that have already been adopted by a few large suppliers in the marketplace and we encourage you to make your suppliers aware of this standard. The WF&FSA Recommended Standard Box Sizes are listed below.


WF&FSA Recommended Box Sizes

box standards



In future bulletins we will provide other examples of why standards make sense potentially to help you gain cost and logistics efficiency in your business.