For the past year, Kristine Kratt and Bill Schaffer of Schaffer Designs have been working with the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) to bring to the City of Philadelphia and the entire Tri-State Region ART IN BLOOM!   The phrase Art In Bloom is often used as the title of various exhibits around the country that are held annually, usually in spring, in art.  Florists, designers and garden clubs are invited to present floral interpretations of works in the museums' permanent and featured collections.  The floral displays are then presented in juxtaposition with the works that inspired them.  

Works of Art have been advised, sponsors are being contacted, photography sessions have been completed and everyone is now in the graphic layouts and print stages before it is released to Membership and to the public.  For any of this to be a success - there are the flowers - there is YOU!   We are looking for 80 designers (including representatives from at least 25 garden clubs) to partake in this experience.  Each designer will choose or be given selected artworks from the museum's extensive collection to be interpreted through floral design.  

The Grand Gala Opening of the event will take place on Thursday evening, April 3, 2014.  PAFA In BLOOM will then be open to the public Friday, Saturday and Sunday - April 4, 5 & 6.  We will be creating the large-scale pieces on Wednesday evening and the Interpretation Designs from 7am through 4pm on Wednesday, April 2 and from 7am through 2pm, Thursday, April 3, 2014.  These floral interpretations will all take place in The Historic Landmark Building.  For added interest to our Inaugural event - we will not only be asking designers to interpret art from their permanent and featured collections but also of the buildings vast collection of sculptures and original architecture.  

For those who commit to participation in this project, PAFA will be holding a gathering on Monday, November 18, 2013 from 2pm through 4pm for a private tour of the museum and a view of the permanent collections that will be available for inspiration.  The 'on loan' works of art and the featured collections will be verified by the museum by January 1, 2014.  At that time, the final works will be assigned to the remaining designers and garden clubs (this will still allow for 2.5 months for project planning).  Each designer is individually responsible for supplying their own containers, supplies, flowers, labor and transportation.  All designers will be given a pedestal and signage to promote their individual business or selves and any sponsors of their creation.  All maintenance for your exhibits will be handled by Schaffer Designs.

We have many who have expressed interest and who want participate-  but - we need to confirm our designer listing by the end of November 2013!  YES! I WILL DO IT! - is what we are looking for!  If you have any talented designer friends whose name you would like to submit to us please feel free to let us know (please include their e-mail or other contact information).  Many have already expressed interest and confirmed participation in PAFA in Bloom, including; 

Alisha Bell AIFD, CFD, NJ
Margo Bennett, PA
Brenda Bringham, NJ                                
Kristie Lynn Borchick, PA
Michael Boskey, NJ
Michael Brody AIFD, CFD, PA
Judith Campbell, PA
Nicole Carrino, PA
Rick Cuneo AIFD, CFD, NJ
Kathy CunninghaM, IN
Robert De Bellis AIFD, CFD, NJ
E Frank Dowling, CO
Tim Farrell AIFD, CFD, AAF, PFCI, PA
Lee Gallison AIFD, CFD, CA
Darcie Garcia, PA
Stephanie Garrett AIFD, CFD , NA
Katherine Gonzalez AIFD, CFD, NY
Deirdre Gross, NJ
Trace Hammonds AIFD, CFD, FL
Jamie Hindley CFD, CA
Andy Hopper AIFD, CFD, GA
Melissa Huston CFD, MD
Karen Nelson Kent AIFD, CFD, MD
Armas Koehler, PA
Sue Krabill AIFD, CFD, DE
Adelaide Linn AIFD, CFD, PA
Kristie Lynn Borchick, PA
Linda Lord, NJ
Valerie McLaughlin, PA
Jody McLeod AIFD, CFD, NC
Cres Motzi AIFD, CFD, PA
Cheryl Myers AIFD, CFD, PA
Ken Norman AIFD, CFD, NJ
Samantha T. Pascal, PA
Dustin Piccolo-Kinsey, PA
David Potosnak CFD, NJ
Leslie Purple, PA
Robert Quartucci, PA
Doug Raska AIFD, CFD, NJ
Gerrie Sammak, PA
Dale Schaffer, PA
Eric Schellack. NJ
Bonnie Schorsch, PA
Nelson Simpson AIFD, CFD, NC
Pamela Stanmire Williams, CO
Daniel Stober AIFD, CFD, OH
Shannon Toal, PA
Heather Towne, PA
Renee' Tucci, PA
Sue Weisser AIFD, CFD, PA
Cheryl Wilks , PA


Leslie Purple, Wissahickon Garden Club
Margo Bennett and Deirdre Gross, Pinelands Garden Club, Medford, NJ
Gerrie Sammak, Huntingdon Valley Garden Club, PA
Brenda Bingham, The Garden Club of Montclair, NJ

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Bill Schaffer AIFD, AAF, PFCI