2015 Student Ambassador Application

Eastern Communication Association
2015 Annual Convention
Student Ambassador Application
Applicant Name:
Cell Phone:
Affiliation (school/institution):
Days you will be attending the convention:
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
What time will you arrive and depart the convention? (be as specific as possible per day)
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List the names and phone numbers of three school affiliated references:
(preferably professors who have had you in class, department chairs, advisors; at least one reference should be able to accurately convey your good standing with your school institution).
Reference One
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Reference Two
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Reference Three
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In no more than 200 words, tell us why you want to attend the Eastern Communication Association Annual Convention and how you would benefit from serving as an ECA Student Ambassador:
In 50 words or less, what specific skills, training, or experience can you offer the ECA that would make your service stand out from other applicants?
If I am awarded a Student Ambassador scholarship, I agree to work a minimum of ten hours at the Eastern Communication Association’s annual convention. I understand that I will be representing the Eastern Communication Association as well as my school and will perform the assigned duties in a professional manner, work cooperatively with other Student Ambassadors, the Executive Director, the First Vice President, and their representatives.
Your completed application will be sent to Dr. Sawyer electronically.
Please direct any questions to :
J. Kanan Sawyer, ecaphilly2015@gmail.com
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