Watch for 2017 next January.

If you’d like to hold costs down, and are interested in sharing a room at the Summer Institute, we’ve created this Google form, CLICK HERE, for you to find someone to share with.  

After you’ve clicked the link and filled in the form — it’ll ask for your name, which lodging option you prefer, along with other preferences — you’ll have the opportunity to be “matched” with attendees whose preferences line up with yours.  It’ll then be up to you to make the room-sharing arrangements.

The pricing structure for the 2015 institute will be:

Seminar (RSA member): $440
Seminar (RSA grad student member) $340

Seminar (non-member): $540
Seminar (grad student non-member) $440

Workshop (RSA member): $270
Workshop (RSA grad student member) $220

Workshop (non-member): $340
Workshop (grad student non-member) $290

Seminar plus workshop (RSA member): $710
Seminar plus workshop (RSA grad student member): $560

Seminar plus workshop (non-member): $880
Seminar plus workshop (grad student non-member): $730

The fees include the cost of the plenary lunch on Friday afternoon, a continental breakfast (coffee, bagels, etc.) each morning before the institute begins, and some other social events that are still in the planning stages for both seminars and workshops.