Note: Seminars will run from Monday, June 3rd to Thursday, June 6th, and workshops will run from the afternoon of Thursday, June 6th to noon on Saturday, June 8th. Questions? Please contact

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2019 Seminars:

  1. #WhyWeCantWait: African American Rhetorical and Pedagogical Traditions for Social Justice
    Tamika Carey & Elaine Richardson
  2. At the Intersection of Rhetorics and Feminisms
    Karma Chávez & Cheryl Glenn
  3. Becoming Human in Anti-Racist Social Protest in Digital and Embodied Publics
    Kristan Poirot & Armond R. Towns
  4. Medical Rhetoric in the Archives
    Jordynn Jack & Robin E. Jensen
  5. Visual Rhetoric, Moving Bodies, Affective Transmission: Ancient, Early Modern, and Contemporary Perspectives
    David Marshall, Caitlin Bruce, and Ruth Webb
  6. The Politics and Practices of Archival Research
    Belinda A. Stillion Southard & Ersula Ore
  7. Code Switching: Race and Digital Rhetoric
    Catherine Knight Steele & Jim Brown
  8. Emerging Lines of Inquiry in the New Generation of Memory Studies Scholarship
    Bradford Vivian & Katherine Mack

2019 Workshops:

  1. Rhetoric, Publics, and Placemaking in Everyday Life
    John Ackerman, Greg Dickinson, and Candice Rai
  2. Foodways Rhetorics
    Steven Alvarez & Casey Kelly
  3. Neoliberalism and Rhetorical Scholarship: Definitions, Uses, Implications
    Rob Asen & Rebecca Dingo
  4. Rhetorics of Motherhood
    Jennifer Borda & Sara Hayden
  5. Making a Career in Rhetoric Studies
    Denise Bostdorff & Stephanie Kerschbaum
  6. Posthuman Rhetorics on a Precarious Planet
    Casey Boyle, Amy Propen, and Nathaniel Rivers
  7. Crip Is a Verb
    Christina Cedillo & Melanie Yergeau
  8. After the New Materialisms: Emerging Theories of Meaning and Mattering
    Diane Davis & Thomas Rickert
  9. Rhetorical Style
    Jeanne Fahnestock & Martin Camper
  10. Advancing Undergraduate Research in Rhetorical Studies
    Jenn Fishman & Maegan Parker Brooks
  11. Rhetoric, Migration, & Mobility
    Lisa Flores & Leslie Harris
  12. Revealing the ductwork of rhetorical historiography
    David Gold & Candace Epps-Robertson
  13. Writing Sensory Rhetorics
    Debra Hawhee & Steph Ceraso
  14. Queer(s in) Publics
     Jonathan Alexander and Jacqueline Rhodes
  15. Doing Classical Reception in Rhetorical Studies
    Michele Kennerly & Lois Agnew
  16. Rhetorics of Sport and Protest
    Abraham Khan & Kyle King
  17. Dealing with Data: Designing Computational Approaches to Rhetorical Inquiry
    Amanda Licastro & Daniel Faltesek
  18. Whither Ethos?: From the Human to the Nonhuman, the Inhuman, and Beyond
    Carolyn R. Miller & Peter Simonson
  19. Practicing Cultural Rhetorics
    Malea Powell & Trixie Long-Smith
  20. Designing and Delivering Rhetorical Education
    Kris Ratcliffe & Kyle Jensen
  21. Rethinking Religious Rhetorics
    Jeff Ringer & Paul Lynch
  22. Deliberation and Its Discontents: Prospects for Argumentation, Dissent, and Critical Engagement in Post-Factual, Post-Deliberative Times
    Lisa Storm Villadsen & Christian Erik J. Koch
  23. The Public Humanities
    Dave Tell & Trevor Parry-Giles
  24. Neurorhetorics’ Materialities
    Christa Teston & Michelle Gibbons
  25. Citizen Science and Emerging Rhetorics of Science
    James Wynn & Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher