Rising Leader Program

In support of the ACEC Ohio mission to advance and protect member businesses, we are offering a RISING LEADERS training program to assist ACEC firms with the development of future leaders within their companies.  

Engineering firm leaders most often rise from technical positions into management positions with very limited to no training in management; ACEC Ohio recognizes that there is a need for accessible, affordable training in management and business topics.

The RISING LEADER program is targeted at candidates with:

  • Professional Engineering license plus 5 years or approximately 8-15 years of industry experience
  • Interest in pursuing a leadership tract within their firms
  • Regular direct client interaction and communication
  • Recognized leadership attributes and/or potential

The training program is a 6-half day sessions covering 6 topics; 25.5 hours of learning.

Participation is limited to 20; first come first serve. You may only register one member from your firm. If spots are available, more than one may be submitted. A waiting list will be maintained. 

ACEC Ohio will repeat the course for a new class of participants as often as necessary to fulfill member company needs.

$2,500 per employee.

 2024 Rising Leader Program Schedule

Rising Leader 2024 Nomination Form


2023-2024 Rising Leader Program Participants

  • Andrew Baker, Engineering Associates Ohio
  • Neal Underwood, Carpenter Marty Transportation
  • Mark Rahall, EMH&T
  • Jacob Wroten, HDR
  • Blake Stephens, Burgess & Niple
  • Josh Slaga, OHM Advisors
  • Corrinne Lochtefeld, DGL Consulting Engineers
  • Beth Kronk, Compass Infrastructure
  • Ashley Fowler, The Mannik & Smith Group
  • Abby Jacobs, Woolpert
  • Kevin Lang, SMBH
  • Joe Schmitz, American Structurepoint
  • Matt Graf, HNTB
  • Andrew Schetter, WSP
  • Zac Sprunger, Fanning Howey
  • Andrew Walton, Singh & Associates
  • Eddie Drow, Goodhue Consulting
  • Dane Brown, Fishbeck
  • Bryan Kinch, HEAPY
  • Rebecca Scarbrough, Wessler Engineering

2022-2023 Rising Leader Program Participants

  • Christine Placek, Korda
  • Emily Preston, Compass Infrastructure
  • Kristi Norfolk, Lanham Engineering
  • Matthew Baxendell, Dynotec
  • Megan Valentine, Mead & Hunt
  • Nathan Fischer, Woolpert
  • Dustin Gohs, Carpenter Marty Transportation
  • Ryan Shahan, The Kleingers Group
  • Matt Gardner, LJB
  • Andy Miller, Fanning Howey
  • Stephen Gage, WSP
  • Sam Donadio, Michael Baker International
  • Angela Trautman, PRIME AE
  • Lindsey Kieres, Goodhue Consulting
  • Nick Brant, S&ME
  • Sizan Ava, DLZ
  • Mike Long, American Structurepoint
  • Bryan Vasaris, Fishbeck
  • TimBrandsetter, HNTB

2021-2022 Rising Leader Program Participants

  • Josh Besancon, Engineering Associates
  • Nicholas Colosi, CTL Engineering
  • Matt Cornett, E.L. Robinson
  • Chris Cummings, Michael Baker
  • Xianan Feng, Bergmann
  • Jennifer Fuller, Fanning Howey
  • Kayleigh Hammond, The Kleingers Group
  • Michael Hobbs, GPD Group
  • Stephanie Johnson
  • Thomas Less, Woolpert
  • Jared Love, WSP USA
  • Paul Procario, FFE Inc.
  • Jason Ross, S&ME
  • Chris Schmidt, Davey Resources
  • Amy Shell, Barge Design Group
  • Becky Swora, OHM Advisors
  • Philip Teague, Jones & Henry
  • Michelle Torres, Bowser-Morner
  • Marion Wells, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly
  • Orry Zumbiel, LJB

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Rising Leader Program Participants

  • John Ahmann, Prater Engineering Associates, Inc.
  • Matt Bell, LJB
  • Patrick Berger, The Kleingers Group
  • Alan Brown, Hull & Associates
  • Brian Butler, Fanning Howey
  • Jon Carroll, Fishbeck
  • Mark Cencer, KS Associates, Inc.
  • Ashley Chucray, Euthenics
  • Chris Clemons, WSP USA
  • Josh Conley, JMT
  • Derek Hess,  The Mannik & Smith Group
  • Shane Kalinoski, Carpenter Marty Transportation
  • Tony Lenhart, American Structurepoint
  • Brad Lowery, Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd
  • Jon Mihoci, EA Ohio
  • Amy Nagy, EMH&T
  • Tom Newcomb, IBI Group
  • Tom Porter, Michael Baker International
  • Chris Ryan, Bowser-Morner
  • Kevin White, IBI Group

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Rising Leader Program Participants

  • Gina Balsamo, Carpenter Marty Transportation
  • Abby Cueva, EMH&T
  • Andrew Gardner, Bird+Bull Inc.
  • Brooke Heid, Clune Consulting Services
  • Chad Hines, Paul J. Ford Company
  • Rob Hooper, SMBH
  • Scott Horan, Euthenics
  • Zak Kaczor, CTI Engineers Inc.
  • Eric Koch, Hull & Associates
  • Timothy Lehman, Fanning Howey
  • Josh Lockhart, Crawford Murphy & Tilly
  • Sastry Malladi, CTL Engineering
  • Laura McCutcheon, HDR Inc.
  • Peter Rasche, PEDCO
  • Sean Riffle, ms consultants
  • Brent Robbins, PRIME AE Group
  • Chris Scheks, GPD Group
  • Brandon Sopko, Pennoni
  • Michael Vale, Hammontree
  • Kelly Wright, LJB


“The ACEC Ohio Rising Leader Program was a fantastic and engaging experience! From networking with future leaders in the industry to learning about the "business of the business", including Leadership Development, HR, Strategic Planning, Financials, Risk Management, and Sales...this program really opens the lens on all aspects of being a successful leader in the A/E biz.” - Andrew Walton Singh & Associates, Inc.

"What a great program! I found each of the sessions uniquely tailored to my experience level while also providing lots of great tidbits to think about as I progress in my career." - Joe Schmitz, American Structurepoint

"The Rising Leader program took the blinders off and allowed me to look inward at ways to improve myself and outward at what leaders inside a firm consider on a day-to-day basis. In addition to learning, you have the opportunity to form relationships with your peers that you may not have made otherwise. In the end, it is amazing how many of us are striving toward the same goals and are all focused on adapting in an everchanging industry." – Kevin Lang, SMBH

"The training sessions provided expert presentations in leadership and management which gives me additional skills for my current and future roles. In addition to the training, the program provided for excellent networking with other engineering professionals from throughout the state that will be invaluable as we look for teaming opportunities to better serve our clients. The program is a great investment for any future leader in the engineering profession!" -Alan Brown, PE with Hull & Associates

"I wanted to thank ACEC Ohio for providing this wonderful rising leader program. The program has a well-rounded array of topics that covered both leadership and project management skills that will be useful in our careers. The knowledge gained and the relationships that were built will be invaluable to any future leader in the engineering field. I would highly recommend these classes." - Ashley Chucray, Euthenics

"The ACEC Rising Leader program provided great discussion of a wide variety of topics that leaders of professional engineering services firms will encounter as we grow in our careers and responsibilities.  In the sessions, I was able to gain insight and make connections with peers that will allow me to succeed in the future both as a business leader and owner." - Brian Butler, Fanning Howey

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