Aft Annual Report 4


  • President’s Letter
  • Marketing & Member Committee Report
  • Program Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Scholarship Program

Steve Duperrieu TestPresident’s Letter 
By Steve DuPerrieu

The current state of the Association of Financial Technology is as strong as ever. Attendance is high, membership is high, and AFT is in a terrific financial position with a healthy reserve fund. An ASAE benchmarking study suggests that healthy organizations keep 50% or more of one-year’s revenue in reserves in case of catastrophic economic events or disruption of a primary revenue driver. AFT has 86% of one-year revenues in assets.

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Sara Scott TestMarketing and Member Committee Update
By Sara Scott

We are pleased to report that we continue to maintain a healthy overall membership and net new member rate. We have seen a trend that should allow us to achieve the goal of 115 AFT member companies before the end of 2019.

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Brian Otte TestProgram Report
By Brian Otte

The key activities that drive AFT and connect members to one another are our summits which we hold twice a year. Although we strive to choose locations and destinations that our members (and their spouses) will be excited to attend, our primary goal as Program Committee is provide content that will educate and inform our members of relevant matters within our industry. 

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Terry Ammons Test

Treasurers Report
By Terry Ammons

When I was first appointed as Treasurer for AFT and became responsible for the oversight of the financials, the executive team emphasized how important ensuring that the Board remained good stewards of the association’s money. My goal is as treasurer is to continue along that path by using my professional experience to deliver value to the association. 

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Zach Duke TestScholarship Update
By Zach Duke

The Association for Financial Technology has been awarding college, university, business, and technical school scholarships to deserving employees of member companies and their sons, daughters, stepchildren, spouses, grandchildren, and wards since 1985. The awards are named for James E. Stoner, one of the organization's founders, Allan W. Balch, a two-time President of AFT; and James Bannister, former AFT Executive Director.

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