About Us

Why the Association for Financial Technology?

Association for Financial Technology (AFT) is industry’s premier resource for networking and professional development for those companies and executives serving U.S. financial institutions (FI’s), including banks, credit unions, lenders and payment companies. Founded in 1972, the organization members represents virtually every area of technology, data or services needed to help FI’s succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Working within a highly regulated industry and complex vendor landscape, AFT helps members by 1) creating valuable relationships; 2) provides business and industry intelligence; and 3) delivering programs that inform members on issues, trends and forces shaping the industry.

To learn more about membership or upcoming events contact Leah Allen (404) 789-3154 or [email protected].

Collective Minds

The businesses and business people brought together in the AFT network as Collective Minds, pooling our individual intelligence to build collective intelligence. AFT facilitates the exchange and flow of information and helps to guide and support the development of new competencies and effective business process for our members and member companies.

Powerful Advantage

Leading Financial Technology companies from around the world coming together twice a year in a casual, open setting to discuss the critical issues of the day. In this environment competitors work together to solve problems they have in common.  That is the Powerful Advantage of AFT.

Next Ally

As leaders in our respective companies we can all agree that our industry continues to evolve and consolidate. Along with that comes ever increasing challenges to exponentially grow our organizations faster while running leaner. So why try to re-create the wheel? One time proven method for accomplishing this goal is through channel partnerships. Membership in AFT provides a venue for open dialog and networking with peers, complementary product line managers and competitors. Today the lines are blurred between who was once a traditional competitor and who tomorrow should be your next ally.

Keeping Connected

We all have the best intentions each year to better our person and industry knowledge base. Reconnection with old acquaintances sometimes requires a boost. That is why our members chose to invest their valuable time in AFT. As an active member in the association you will participate in meaningful, education and deliberate financial services technology related meetings twice annual. AFT brings together top national speakers and various thought leaders from around the world to provide the latest in best practices specific to our discipline. AFT's world class programs include industry experts from the vendor pool the regulatory and governing bodies as well as the national consulting community each year.

Giving Back

The Association for Financial Technology has been awarding college, university, business and technical school scholarships to deserving employees of member companies and their sons, daughters, stepchildren, spouses, grandchildren and wards since 1985. The awards are named for James E. Stoner, one of the organization's founders, Allan W. Balch, a two-time President of AFT and James Bannister, former AFT Executive Director.  The James E. Stoner, Allan W. Balch, & James Bannister Scholarship Program awards one to four scholarships valued at $2,250 to $3,000 each annually based upon the amount in the Scholarship Fund.