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In Motion / Posture works!

Author/Editor: Produced by Rita Rivera

Our posture is the way we live in our body. What we express and the unexpressed, our likes and dislikes, the full range of our emotions and passions, and our physical history are the imprints that determine our posture. Habitual and unconscious posture has a trajectory that can be easily determined. In Motion / Posture Works provides guidance and the beginning steps to lead to new discoveries and subtle levels of body awareness. Can be used by both those who have studied the Alexander technique in the past and those who are completely unfamiliar with the technique. Contains opening welcome (2:30 min.) and four tracks: Living Posture -- Taking a Stand, Taking a Step (17:30 min.); The Torso in Motion, Meeting the Chair (27 min.); Pliable Ribs - Dynamic Shoulders (18 min.); and The Body at Rest (14:30 min.) [1 CD, 79:30 min., 2004]

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