Build PAC Contribution

BIA Build PAC Contribution
The BIA Build Political Action Committee (Build PAC) interviews candidates for public office and makes decisions to provide financial support to those elected officials who understand and appreciate the impact the residential construction industry has on the central Ohio economy.
We also spend a significant amount of time raising the funds needed to support local and state candidates who support the housing industry. If we didn’t think this was important work, we would not devote our time to it. In recent elections, we have successfully supported winning candidates for county commissioner, township trustees and city councils.
The fact is our industry is heavily regulated at all levels of government. We know first-hand that elected officials and the regulators who work for them have a direct impact on the cost and availability of homes, condos and apartments. Efficient and affordable processes for annexation, zoning, plan approvals, permit issuance, inspections, etc. impact every builder in central Ohio. These items all impact the price of a home and those who want to purchase that home.
On behalf of the Build PAC Committee, I want to thank you for contributing to Build PAC to protect your profession and industry. Please review and complete the information below to contribute.
Ron Sabatino
BIA Build PAC Chair
Ohio law requires political action committee contributions to be (1) personal, (2) from a partnership or (3) from a limited liability company. Contributions CANNOT be from a corporation.
In order to contribute to Build PAC by credit card through the BIA website, your company must be a BIA member and you must use a personal credit card with a billing address that matches your home address. Using a corporate credit card would be in violation of Ohio election law.
Employer or Occupation
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