About the CPYB Exam

Exam Details

Candidates who pass the CPYB certification exam have demonstrated their knowledge on a broad range of topics that indicates their comprehensive knowledge of the industry. 

Exam questions are written by volunteer subject matter experts based on industry best practices, requirements, laws and regulations. The Principal Knowledge Categories and Topics serve as a blueprint for developing the content of the exam.

Exam Format
The CPYB exam is taken online. It consists of 145 multiple-choice questions. Each question is linked to at least one of the Principal Knowledge Categories/Topics. The approximate percentage of content coverage on the exam is indicated below.

Test Time
The exam is taken in one three-hour session. This allows about 1 minute per question with time to review your response before submitting. 

Principal Knowledge Categories
There are five principal knowledge categories. 




Principal Knowledge Topics:

Candidates should have sufficient knowledge related to each of these topics:

  • US, State and Local Laws
  • International Law
  • US Federal Regulations
  • Design Technical Knowledge
  • Yacht Construction Materials
  • Marine Systems
  • Standards and Classifications
  • Marine Navigation and Terminology
  • Listing Broker Responsibilities
  • Selling Broker Responsibilities
  • Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Contacts and Documents
  • Closing Process
  • Ethics

Recommended Preparation
Resources are available to Candidates for exam preparation. YBAA publishes The Guide which provides valuable information that candidates find helpful particularly in areas they may not deal with on a daily basis.  Participating in a live or virtual Exam Prep session, typically offered the morning of a scheduled international testing date, is also an extremely valuable resource.  That Exam Study session will soon be available on-demand.  

Proctor Required
Exam candidates require a Proctor be present for duration of the scheduled exam period.  This proctor can be a colleague or CPYB; it cannot be a relative. 

CPYB staff will communicate with the Proctor directly on the day before or morning of the exam date.  The Proctor will be provided a list of their responsibilities, exam administration instructions including testing URL, and candidate UserID and Password to access the exam. 

Exam Site & Hours
Because the exam is taken online, the exam site should be a location where the candidate is free from distractions, in a space that can accommodate the test taker and the Proctor, and provides access to a stable internet connection. Candidates can log into the exam one time only and the exam must be completed within the agreed upon 3-hour period.  Logging out or timing out of the exam system will terminate the exam session.  

The exam can be scheduled and taken any day of the week between 'core' business hours - 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Time.   

Scoring and Results
Pass or fail results are provided to you immediately after taking the exam. When your score is shown on the screen, you will have the option of printing or emailing yourself a Score Report.  This report will provide indications of your relative strengths and weaknesses so that you know where to focus your studies for the next time you take the exam.

Upcoming Exam Dates

Candidates can select a specific day/time to take the online exam or participate in one of the four International Testing dates scheduled annually.  Regardless of which option is selected, online Exam Registration is required. As part of the registration process, candidates will identify an individual, not related to them, who will "administer" the exam. CPYB staff will communicate directly with the proctor providing information and instructions. 

CPYB Offers four International Exam dates annually.  However, the exam is online and can be taken at anytime.  Please ensure your registration request is submitted a minimum of three (3) working days in advance of your requested date.  To register for one of the four testing dates, or to take the exam on your schedule, click the link below.


Exam Registration Form


December 2020

December 1, 2020

Takin' Charge Tuesdays

Boating Ontario

Eligible for 2-hours of CE Program fee charged at time of registration

December 2, 2020

International Testing Day

Exam Prep Session and CPYB Exam

Various Locations Offered

January 2021

January 19, 2021

Takin' Charge Tuesdays

Boating Ontario

Eligible for 2-hours of CE Program fee charged at time of registration

February 2021

February 16, 2021

Takin' Charge Tuesdays

Boating Ontario

Eligible for 2-hours of CE Program fee charged at time of registration

Exam Prep

Exam Prep Session

The morning of each International Exam date CPYB hosts a live Prep Session via Zoom.  Typically scheduled from 9:00-11:00 ET, is open to any CPYB candidate regardless of their exam date.  In this session the instructor will cover the key topics under each of the five Principal Knowledge categories encountered on the exam. 

Register for the December 2, 2020 Prep Session (9:00-11:00 AM ET).

Register Now

Access the September 3, 2020 Exam Prep Session On-Demand

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The Guide logo

The Guide for the Professional Practice of Yacht Brokerage & Sales, the complete reference and training guide for yacht brokers who are committed to their success.

Based upon the CPYB program Body of Industry Knowledge and including a variety of helpful resources and sample documents, The Guide is a useful three-ring-binder publication addressing the following key topics:

  1. Laws & Regulations, including legal reports and updates
  2. Technical Knowledge, including vessel types and construction, systems and terms
  3. Brokerage Transactions
  4. Yacht Broker Responsibilities
  5. Yacht Broker Ethics

The Guide also includes a Glossary of Terms, links to appropriate industry web sites, copies of association Codes of Ethics, and, sample contractual forms, including Listing Agreements, Purchase & Sale Agreements, Acceptance of Yacht forms and related transaction forms.

The Guide was developed and written in response to requests from, and to meet the needs of, two segments of the yacht brokerage community. For those individuals preparing to enter the profession as neophytes, The Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the key skills and knowledge required to become a professional yacht broker. Combined with appropriate in-service and on-the-job-training within a qualified brokerage firm, new yacht brokers will be better prepared for the demands and rewards of their chosen profession. Their clients, likewise, will be better served through the broker’s commitment to their profession.

For experienced yacht broker professionals who are seeking to earn their credentials as a CPYB - Certified Professional Yacht Broker -  The Guide serves as an excellent tool to prepare candidates for the CPYB examination; used alone as a study manual, or as a reference text when participating in formal CPYB Study Sessions.

Order Your Copy of The Guide Today!

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