Free Lunch and Learns

AIA Accredited Courses
Updated November 2015

Below are 15 AIA accredited courses for Lunch and Learns as well as structured Seminars. These courses were developed by the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) and The Brick Industry Association (BIA) which are AIA Accredited Providers.

If you would like a copy of the learning objectives for a specific program or if there is a topic that you wish to have presented and is not listed, please contact Executive Director, Bob Pope. Other programs may be available from OMA or from other AIA Providers within the Masonry Industry.
Contact OMA's office at 800-443-6779 or to schedule your next educational session and for more information.
C202Da - Fire Safety
Fire Safety with Concrete Masonry Products
C203Da - Sound Abatement
Sound abatement with concrete masonry assemblies
C204Da - Grouting Concrete Masonry Assemblies
Addresses the requirements and procedures of grouting concrete masonry wall systems
C205Da - Crack Control
Crack Control for Concrete Masonry
C303Da - Thermal Performance Introduction
Introduction to thermal performance of concrete masonry assemblies
C104Da - Concrete Masonry Overview
A basic overview of concrete masonry systems and materials
C103Da - Introduction to Concrete Masonry Production
Overview of the basic concrete masonry production process
C301Da - Sustainability Introduction
Introduction to Sustainability and Concrete Masonry Products in Sustainable Development
Brick Masonry Rainscreen Walls
Understand the History and Theory of Rainscreen Walls
Movement Joints
Causes of Movement, and Crack Control of Clay Masonry Walls
Causes, Prevention and Control of Efflorescence
Identify Materials that Contribute to Efflorescence and Assess the Impact of Details and Construction Methods on Efflorescence Potential During Project Design
Cavity Wall Design and Construction
Cavity Wall Performance, Water Penetration Resistance and Movement Control
Boosting Energy Performance in Brick Walls
R-Values, Thermal Mass, Energy Code Requirements, Condensation and Thermal Bridging
Proper Brick Masonry Detailing
Water Penetration Resistance, Movement Control, Special Details; Curved Walls, Corbels, Recessed Courses and Bands of Differing Materials
Brick Masonry for School Construction
Identify Optimal Brick Wall Systems for School / Education Applications and Use Common Selection Criteria to Compare Brick with other Wall Systems
Brickwork Aesthetics – Sizes, Shapes and Patterns
Brick Sizes, Brick Patterns, Brick Shapes and Brick Sculpture

Contact OMA's office at 800-443-6779 or to schedule your next educational session and for more information.