Congratulations to our 2018 OWWA Scholarship Recipients:

  • Matthew Boes of Boes Well Drilling

  • Amye Frontz of Frontz Drilling

  • Abigail Hardman of Hardman Drilling

  • Noah Sprowls of Beinhower Bros. Drilling

  • Alexa Wyant of Crabtree Well & Pump

  • William Noah Yeager of Yeager Well Drilling

Applications for the 2019 Program are due May 27, 2019

Scholarship Information

Contribute to the OWWA Scholarship Program by attending this year’s Convention and Working Trade Show!  Completed scholarship applications are available below and must be returned by May 27th.  Contact Megan Miller at 888-294-0084 for questions or additional information.

Click HERE:  OWWA Scholarship Application (PDF)


OWWA Scholarship Fund

The Ohio Water Well Association raises money each year to fund a scholarship program. Members and their direct relatives are eligible to apply.  The rules appear below.


OWWA Scholarship Rules 

The members of this association pledge to uphold all principles of fair, competitive selling. So that we may merit the esteem of the customers in the communities we serve. We deplore any dishonesty or deception within our industry. 

  1. Applicant must be a member or have a relative who is a member of OWWA. The relative must be a father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, brother or sister.

  2. Applicant must be accepted at a college, university or trade or technical school. (Student may be full or part-time.)

  3. Academic record, ACT or SAT results, extracurricular activities and essay will be used by a panel to make its selection.

  4. The award is for one year and is renewable, however, the student must reapply.
    All applications must be returned before May 27th to: OWWA Scholarship 2077 Embury Park Rd, Dayton, OH 45414  OR  emailed to Megan Miller at
  5. Recipients will be notified by June 30th.

  6. The OWWA Board of Trustees has absolute discretion in selecting recipients of the award and in determining the amount of said award. The trustees may make such amendments and modification of the rules and regulations pertaining to the selection of award recipients, the amount of each award and the payment of awards as they, in their sole discretion, determine.

  7. When an applicant has been named as a recipient of the award he or she shall, prior to Aug. 1 in the year of the award, present to OWWA satisfactory evidence of his or her acceptance or continued enrollment at a college or university or trade or technical school. Failure to do so will forfeit the scholarship.

  8. The scholarship will be paid directly to the college, university or trade or technical school and will not be paid to the recipient of the award.


Click HERE:  OWWA Scholarship Application (PDF)