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Minutes April 28, 2006

Eastern Communication Association
Interpersonal Communication Interest Group
Annual Business Meeting
Philadelphia, PA April 28, 2006

Attendance: Angela Borsella, University of Iowa; Meredith Marko, University of Nebraska � Lincoln; Robert Sidelinger, West Virginia University; Sara Banfield, West Virginia University; Katie Neary Dunleavy , West Virginia University; Christina McDowell, Duquesne University; Abby Brooks, University of Tennessee; Andrew Tollison, University of Tennessee; Kristen Campbell-Eichhorn, Towson University; Melissa Wanzer, Canisius College; Candice Thomas-Maddox, Ohio University � Lancaster; Courtney Wright, Northwestern University; Danette Ifert Johnson, Ithaca College; Kathleen Long, West Virginia Wesleyan; Kristi Wilkerson, West Virginia Independent Colleges; Elizabeth Bernat, SUNY@ Plattsburgh; Scott A. Myers, West Virginia University; Alan K. Goodboy, West Virginia University; Lois Hinkle, West Virginia University

I. Call to order � the meeting was called to order at 8:15 by Mary Toale, Chair

II. Approval of 2005 minutes: the names of the paper reviewers for the 2005 convention were added to the minutes. The minutes were approved unanimously.

III. Acknowledgments

A. Acknowledged new members and 1st time meeting attendees

B. Acknowledged Top Paper Awards and handed out certificates. Recipients of top paper award:

Angela S. Borsella, University of Iowa, �Parent and Child Perceptions of Co-parenting and Child Conflict Management.�

Courtney N. Wright, Northwestern University, Adrienne Holloway, Northwestern University, and Michael E. Roloff, Northwestern University, �The Dark Side of Self-Monitoring: How High Self-Monitors View Their Romantic Relationships.�

Meredith Marko, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, �Constructing Individual, Familial, and Cultural Realities: An Analysis of the Adoption Stories Parents Tell Their Internationally Adopted Children.�

Scott A. Myers, West Virginia University and Alan K. Goodboy, West Virginia University, �Perceived Sibling Use of Verbally Aggressive Messages Across the Lifespan.�

C. Acknowledged Paper readers

Ann Bainbridge Frymier

Katherine S. Thweatt

Maria Brann

D. Acknowledged Panel Chairs, Respondents, and Submitters

E. Mary asked that those who were willing to serve as chairs and/or respondents at the 2007 convention to contact Maria Brann, as she plans panels.

IV. Old Business

A. The 2004 minutes are missing. Those in attendance were asked if anyone had a copy or had been in contact with Elizabeth Opp (secretary in 2004). Kristi Wilkerson indicated that she would try to contact Elizabeth.

B. Paper/panel acceptance rejection figures

20 submitted/12 accepted (60% acceptance rate)

6 panels submitted/4accepted (67% acceptance rate)


C. Report from Executive Council: Kay Long reported that Danette Ifert Johnson will be concluding her term in July 2007, and Al Mueller has been appointed to be the next Executive Director. Wendy Samter has been appointed as the next Editor of Communication Research Reports and Janette Kenner Muir is accepting manuscripts for Communication Quarterly. Kay also reported that a budget task force have created a budget and are working to get ECA finances in order. A priority is to have three years of operating expenses in reserve. To achieve this a line item exists in the budget to put money in reserve. Richard West is planning the 2007 convention and is making some changes in order to cut costs.


D. Other reports

V. Welcome New Chair, Maria Brann. Jennifer Knapp filled in for Maria who recently gave birth.

VI. New Business

A. Preview ECA Providence, RI. Jennifer reported that the 2007 convention will be in Providence, RI and that Richard West, First VP, is encouraging new formats. In place of a keynote speaker, there will a town hall debate on whether we should popularize our research. The call for papers was distributed. There is no change in guidelines.

A. Elect New Officers

a. Interest Group Representative to ECA Executive Council (2 year term)

i. Ann Bainbridge Frymier, Miami University was nominated and elected by acclimation.

b. Vice Chair (1 year term to progress to Chair)- plans ECA 2008

i. Kristen Campbell-Eichhorn, Towson University, was nominated and elected by acclimation.

c. Secretary (2 year term 2007 and 2008 conferences)

i. Katie Neary Dunleavy, West Virginia University, was nominated and elected by acclimation

B. Other Nominations

a. Name for ECA First Vice-President Elect-Select

i. Candice Thomas-Maddox, Ohio University�Lancaster, was nominated, and Mary Toale will take her name to nominating committee

b. Rep to the NCA Legislative Assembly K-12

i. No names were put forward

c. Name for ECA Rep to the NCA 2008 Nominating Committee

i. Mary Toale, Baldwin Wallace College was nominated, and Mary agreed to put her name forward at the nominating committee meeting.

C. Announcements � Mary encouraged people to vote in the ECA election, noting that elections were often won by a few votes.

VII. Meeting Adjourned at 8:45

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