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Media Communication Business Meeting Minutes - April 24, 2009

Eastern Communication Association Media Communication Interest Group Minutes

April 24, 2009  

Thirteen people attended the meeting at 8:00 am on Friday April 24, 2009 in the Sheraton Society Hill. 

2009 Conference:

  • Maria noted that 31 papers and 9 panels were submitted for 2009, and 26 papers and 3 panels were accepted.
  • Cary reported that 707 people pre-registered in 2009, all short courses ‘made,' the hotel sold out, and the finances of the organization are in good health with a net of $40,000 this year.
  • Media is the 3rd largest interest group with 146 members. 

2010 Conference:

  • Lisa was elected Secretary.
  • Monica and Gordon solicited volunteers for reviewing, responding, and chairing for next year. Gordon provided information about next year's theme "Charting a Course: Meeting New Horizons."
  • He asked that we think about the future vision of our group and that we consider panels to address the theme.
  • Cindy proposed a short course (2 hours long) on New Media for 2010. She noted that about 26% of ECA journal content is media related and suggested that we have a stronger presence in other areas such as short courses.
    • Folks noted that the short courses don't affect the number of panels a group can have and also that if you co-sponsor panels you can get more panels.
    • There was a suggestion to co-sponsor with the Community and Technology division.
  • Cindy expressed concerns about media/technology funding for presentations and noted that there is a potential to borrow technology from local colleges for the next two years' conferences.  

2011 Conference:

  • President Elect Select Cindy noted that 2011 will be in Arlington, Virginia from April 13th-17th for $140/night.   

Executive Council:

Cary summarized some of the major discussions from the executive council meeting

  • An ethics code was proposed for ECA and circulated at our meeting.
  • The awards committee addressed a proposal to broaden the composition of the awards committee to 5-7 people.
  • There will be a survey about the mentoring committee.
  • Bylaws will be changed to allow council to be able to grant life memberships (particularly to past presidents).
  • ECA archives are housed at Ball State.
  • EBSCO contract was extended into 2013.
  • A moratorium on affiliations was enacted after Business Communication was added. 

New Business:

  • Cindy suggested expanding the multi-college listserv. Monica noted that she will add all of the reviewer/chair/respondent email addresses to the listserv.
  • Gordon suggested we add a Facebook page and look into Twittering and all agreed.
  • Gordon asked for additional suggestions about posting the CFP and all agreed that the current outlets are fine.
  • Gordon noted that we need to submit columns for the ECA newsletter.
  • Cindy asked for suggestions for a 2011 theme that embraced inclusivity. Rudy mentioned R.I.T's yearly undergrad conference CURC the week or two before ECA.  

The meeting concluded around 8:45 am. 

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