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Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting April 27, 2007

Voices of Diversity Interest Group

Voices of Diversity Interest Group

Eastern Communication Association


Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting � April 27, 2007, Providence, RI


Attendance: 14 members

Meeting called to order at 8:05 a.m.


Minutes approved from 2006 convention

Report from the 2007 Interest Group Planner � Joy M. Cypher


- We programmed 10 sessions for this conference
- This included 2 paper sessions and 8 panel sessions
- We had a relatively high acceptance rate for both panels and papers this
- Joy extended thanks to the 2007 reviewers (in addition to herself): Donnetrice Allison, Lorin Basden Arnold, Celeste Lacroix, Kristina Ruiz-Mesa, Ruma Sen, Kara Shultz, and Robert Westerfelhaus

Report from the Nominating Committee - Lorin Basden Arnold


- Lorin noted that the committee had yet to meet and thus she had little to report
- The group discussed several individuals who would be good nominees and Lorin indicated that she would forward this information to the group at the meeting


- Elections were held for:

o Vice Chair Elect (Baltimore planner) � Cherise Glenn was elected by acclimation
o Secretary � Carole Bennett was elected by acclimation
o Representative to the Executive Council for 2008-2010 � Lorin Basden Arnold was elected by acclimation

Transition of Leadership � Joy Cypher to Celeste Lacroix


- Joy thanked the group for the opportunity to serve and introduced Celeste
- Celeste thanked Joy for her work for the 2007 convention

Discussion of 2008 Convention � Celeste Lacroix

- Statistics suggest that, with 93 members, we are a large interest group. So, we should still expect several slots for panels next year
- The convention theme will be Making a Difference
- The hotel is the Omni William Penn in Pittsburgh and rooms will be $149 per night
- Sara Weintraub is the conference organizer
- The group discussed ideas for specialized panels/programs including:

o Panel about steel strikes issues
o Food tour
o Performance/interpretive panels
o Town Hall panels
o Performances at public convention events
o Short courses about teaching diversity
o Panel regarding mainstreaming and diversity
o Panel regarding womanhood and Native American lands

New Business


- Robert Westerfelhaus provided a report from the Executive Council

o He noted that there was some debate over the 2010 location (Boston or SanJuan)
o Robert also stated that ECA publications are currently strong, though there have been some access issues with Taylor and Francis
o Mark Hickson has been approved as editor for QRRC
o The 2011 conference may be in Boston, Providence, or D.C.
o There will be a special issue of QRRC defining "qualitative"
o A 100th anniversary book is being prepared and there is also the logo contest. There will be celebration in Philly

- Celeste Lacroix noted that there is some talk about interest groups having a backup plan when the planner fails to complete duties.

o Ours is that the Vice-Chair would be the backup
o The group noted that better communication is needed between chair and vice-chair and we should probably work toward adding a section to our bylaws that formalizes that and requires that submissions be sent to both so that there is a fallback structure

- Lorin Basden Arnold noted a relative lack of interest group historical memory.

o After some discussion, Celeste offered to create a file of all the past minutes she has to facilitate a better historical record. She asked that anyone who has old minutes send them to here at


- Lois Einhorn announced of a book about child abuse and forgiveness that she is publishing with Robert Reed Publishers

- Ron Jackson encouraged all members to utilize the conference hotels in order to fill the room block

- Joy Cypher raised the issue of papers being sent to multiple interest groups and suggested that our call specifically state that this practice is not acceptable

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10


In Attendance:


Lorin Basden Arnold � Rowan University
Donnetrice Allison � Richard Stockton College
Bill Starosta � Howard University
Lois Einhorn � Binghamton University
Ron Jackson � Penn State University
Kesha M. Morant � Howard University
Cherise L. Glenn � Howard University
Carole Bennett � Oakland Community College
Robert Westerfelhaus � College of Charleston
Donna Kowal � SUNY Brockport
Celeste Lacroix � College of Charleston
Joy M. Cypher - Rowan University
Ruma Sen � Ramapo University
Anjali Ram � Roger Williams University

Respectfully submitted by Lorin Basden Arnold, Rowan University
October 8, 2007

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