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ECA - Bylaws for the Nonverbal Interest Group


As we prepare for ECA next week, I wanted to touch base about the Bylaws for the Nonverbal Interest Group.  Unfortunately, earlier this year I was searching for our interest group bylaws and was unable to locate the document.  On the       ECA website it says “pending” and when speaking to past officers and other IG members, no one seems to know where/if our bylaws exist.  Thus, I took the liberty of drafting our Bylaws (largely based off of what is available online for other ECA interest groups).

You can find the first draft of our NV IG Bylaws HERE.  If possible, please read over this document sometime this week prior to our IG meeting next Saturday (8am / Providence III – 3rd level).  If we can do so, this may count as our “first reading” and we can have our “second reading” and vote at our business meeting next Saturday.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know!  In addition, if you have any revisions/suggestions, please email me or bring them to the meeting next week.

See you in Providence!


Nicole Blau, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
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