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Argumentation & Forensics Division Business Meeting

April 23, 2010

Argumentation & Forensics Division Business Meeting

April 23, 2010 – 8:00AM

ECA 2010 – Baltimore, MD 

In attendance:

  • Neil Butt
  • Carl Hyden
  • Carolyn Kacey
  • Sean Luechtefeld
  • Fran Mindel (Chair)
  • Ted Scheckels
  • Barbara Sims 

New Business

  1. Need new secretary (Neil Butt)
    1. Sean Luechtefeld (University of Maryland) volunteered
    2. Approved unaminously
    3. Report from Executive Council Meeting (Carl Hyden)
      1. 2011 Conference: April 13-17, 2011 @ Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington, VA

                                                  i.      $139/night; parking $17/day

                                                ii.      Public transit options (Circulator)

                                              iii.      Key feature: Undergraduate Scholars Conference

  1. Friday, 04/15 @ noon through 6PM on Saturday, 04/16.
  2. Awards brunch
  3. Papers competitively selected.
  4. Students can still submit to regular conference.

                                              iv.      Odd number year means Basic Course conference

                                                v.      Theme: Communication & Power from Classrooms to Politics

  1. 2012 Conference: April 25-29, 2012 @ Royal Sonesta on the river, Cambridge, MA.

                                                  i.      Nancy Willets will plan the 2012 conference.

                                                ii.      Hotel is $149/night, breakout rooms have riverview

  1. 2013 Conference: Omni William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA
  2. CQ is increasing from 4 to 5 issues per year (128 pages/issue), and, at discretion of editor, fifth issue could be a themed issue.
  3. ECA has approved a new interest group – Communication Administrators Interest Group – whose purpose is to extend the admin of comm. programs and serve as a resource through conference programs and workshops
  4. Report from Planners Meeting (Neil Butt)
    1. Trying to move to electronic submission process – included forms for simplifying the process
    2. Will send a CD to all planners with templates for review process.
    3. Need to pick someone who will be our planner to attend meetings at the Arlington conference next year.
    4. If we have nominations for 1st VP Elect-Select, Comm College Rep, 2010 Nominating committee, or High School, we need to submit them.
    5. Number of slots we’re likely to have: 4

                                                  i.      Idea: Cindy Lont is interested in theme-based programs (beyond our allotment). 

                                                ii.      Other possibility is a short course.  Short course idea: using assessment processes to design, improve, revise, and create programs.

                                              iii.      Idea: Identifying those who have used debate and forensics to get into politics

  1. Perhaps Allan Louden has a running list?
  2. Other thoughts?  Mixture of corporate and political leaders.
  3. Need Planner for 2012
    1. Cary Hyden (Morgan State University) volunteered
    2. Approved unanimously
    3. Ideas for future panels?
      1. Debate for the underprivileged/UDLs
      2. Co-sponsoring w/ Community College Interest Group?

                                                  i.      College of Southern Maryland? Prince George’s Community College? Montgomery College?

                                                ii.      Elsewhere?

  1. Women in debate?
  2. Activist/nonprofit organizations in DC
  3. Recruiting reviewers
    1. Neil Butt indicated he would be looking for reviewers and asked for volunteers
    2. Carl Hyden suggested that we recruit outsiders, rather than just the seven of us (since we are also the most likely candidates for submitting panels)

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