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ECA 2023 Basic Course Conference

Please consider registering for the Basic Course Conference. This one-day conference, on March 29, is focused on connecting theory to practice. That is, in what ways can we discuss our basic course content in a way that translates to marketable skills? We are excited for our lunch keynote speaker, Dr. Kerry Byrnes Loinette of Colin College. She will be speaking about theory-practice connections and how those might align with NCA's learning outcomes.

We have Dr. Mark Hopson (Chapman University), our featured speaker, discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our basic courses.

Our Conference also includes GIFTS sessions, and panels about basic course challenges and trends. Speakers represent community colleges, research intensive universities, and small private schools at various stages of their careers.

It is our goal to have speakers walk away with tangible resources. All participants will be given access to a Dropbox that will contain files and supplementary materials for their use.

The fee for the Basic Course Conference is $50. Already registered for the conference? Please contact Kathie Cesa,, to add this to your registration. 

Questions? Feel free to contact the planners: Erin Craw (Chapman University: and Sean Horan (Fairfield University: We hope to see you there.

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