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ECA 2024 Convention: Rhetoric & Public Address Interest Group Business Meeting and Programming List

Hi Rhetoric & Public Address interest group members,

I'm happy to share some information with you regarding our Business Meeting and programming at the 2024 conference in Cambridge. This year, I've opted for a virtual business meeting outside of the conference in hopes of freeing up everyone's time at the conference for other activities. Our business meeting will be Monday, March 18 at 4:00pm via this Zoom link: All ECA members are invited to attend. We hope that you will join us, and please encourage anyone who is interested in ECA's Rhetoric and Public Address interest group to Zoom in as well.

I've also attached a list of ECA's RPA programming below. We have some really interesting sessions planned on a variety of topics, and we'd love for you to join us for them!

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to seeing you all at the virtual business meeting and in Cambridge very soon!


Valerie Lynn Schrader, Ph.D.
Chair, Rhetoric & Public Address Interest Group, Eastern Communication Association
Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences, Penn State Schuylkill



4:00-5:00pm               Zoom:

Rhetoric & Public Address Virtual Business Meeting



8:30-9:45AM             HARVARD SQUARE B

Top Competitive Papers in Rhetoric & Public Address

Chair: Abbe Depretis, Carnegie Mellon University
Respondent: Valerie Lynn Schrader, Penn State University - Schuylkill

Your Plastic Diet: Visual Arguments and Visual Enthymemes Transcending Science

Samantha Hannah, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
Jim A. Kuypers, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
Luke Williams, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)

Image Repair of Fake News: The Washington Elm in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Josh Compton, Dartmouth College

Changing the Currents of Public Memory to Change the Tide: Whose History is Represented I the Gorgas House Museum at the University of Alabama?

Laura R. Stewart, University of Alabama

Learning from the Past: A Rhetorical Analysis Applying Blair, Dickinson and Ott’s Assumptions of Public Memory to the Film Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story

Hayley Salen, Penn State University – Schuylkill

11:30AM-12:45PM               AMESBURY B

Making Connections between Rhetoric, Health Communication, and Debate

Chair: Jason Edwards, Bridgewater State University
Respondent: Benjamin R. Bates, Ohio University

Something Careless This Way Comes: Medical Errors in Popular Culture
Heather J. Carmack, The Mayo Clinic

Casual Radicalization and Rapid Groupthink: An Analysis of Argument on Reddit
Jeffrey St. Onge, Ohio Northern University

Navigating Currents of Critical Approaches: Organizing Rhetorical Criticism through the McGee-Leff Debate
Rick Olsen, UNCW

1:00-2:15PM              AMESBURY D

Public Address of 1974, Fifty Years Later

Chair: Theodore Sheckels, Randolph Macon College

The National Recurring Nightmare: Ford’s Inaugural Speech Fifty Years Later
Christina M. Knopf, SUNY – Cortland

Barbara Jordan’s Defense of the Constitution during the Nixon Impeachment Hearings Fifty Years On: Are the Currents of History Requiring a Fresh Defense?
Carl Hyden, Morgan State University

Mo Udall in 1974 on What’s Wrong with Our Elections and Our Governance: Still Relevant Fifty Years Later?
Theodore Sheckels, Randolph Macon College

Four Years after Earth Day and “Environment” is Stood on Its Head: Nixon and the 1974 Spokane International Exposition on the Environment
Tom Duncanson, Green Citizen Diplomacy Project

4:00-5:15PM              CENTRAL SQUARE

Mentoring Works In Progress Roundtable

Chair: Carla Rae Richards, Duquesne University
Respondents: Guillermo G. Caliendo, Temple University

                       Ryan P. McCullough, West Liberty University

                       David Seitz, Penn State University – Mont Alto

                       Gregory Griffin, University of Arkansas

Concord Epideictic: Thoreau’s Neighbor’s in Praise and Blame
Eric Miller, Bloomsburg University

Burkean Identification in College Recruitment Videos
Janelle Gruber, Penn State University – Schuylkill

History, Sex Positivity, and an Erotic Carnival: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Museum of Sex
Carrie Murawski, Roanoke College

Fetterman, Disability, and Debate: Reimagining Ableist Rhetoric through Political Debate
Grant Cos, RIT


 8:30-9:45AM             REMINGTON

 Exploring Current Issues in a Post-Fact World of Fake News and Comedy

Chair: Tim Barney, University of Richmond
Respondent: Trevor Parry-Giles, University of Maryland

“Fake News:” 2016 Presidential Elections and the Rhetoric of Ignorance
Guillermo G. Caliendo, Temple University

That’s What She Said: Comedy as Inoculative Incongruity in Gisele Fetterman’s Primary Acceptance Speech
Brian Snee, University of Scranton
Rebecca Mikesell, University of Scranton

Hegemonic Discourse Crafters, Argumentation, and the Utility of Hatred in a Post-Face Society
Steven Joseph, Paradise Valley Community College

11:30AM-12:45PM               CENTRAL SQUARE

From Pink Heels to Atomic Trials: Examining the Rhetoric of Barbie and Oppenheimer in Shaping Cultural Narratives

Chair: Christine Choi, University of Pittsburgh
Respondent: Ronald Walter Greene, University of Minnesota

The “Pink Revolution:” Barbie, Systems of Representation, and the Discourse of Pleasure
Guillermo G. Caliendo, Temple University

Just a Girl, Living in a Girl’s World: Barbie’s Revival of the “Everyday Woman” in the Age of Social Media
Maria Tsangarakis, Syracuse University

“Releasing Oppy’s Tension:” A Critical Analysis of Oppenheimer’s Female Characters
David Seitz, Penn State University – Mont Alto

The Barbie Movie’s Exploration of Feminism and Hegemony
Abbe Depretis, Carnegie Mellon University

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