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Short Course #2: Teaching the Course in Business & Professional Communication

Thursday, April 25, 4:00 - 5:15 pm

Teaching the Course in Business & Professional Communication


Todd Allen, Geneva College
Matt Fuss, Geneva College
Denise Murphy Gerber, Geneva College


Quite often in the academy, courses in Business and those in Communication are offered in separate departments, with very little interaction between the faculty and students in those respective disciplines.  This dichotomy, while part of the academy, is not the reality of the workplace.  By offering a course in Business Communication, colleges and universities can better serve their students, while also reflecting the reality of human experience---business and communication are co-partners not competitors.  A course in Business & Professional Communication encourages and equips students with an understanding and mastery of the communication skills which are essential for interacting effectively with people in the workplace and in the society at large.

Outline of Topics

  • Rationale and benefits of collaboration between the Communication and Business departments on your campus.
  • Discussion of the theoretical and philosophical rationale for a course of this nature including key pedagogical philosophies, ideas and concepts.
  • Elements of course design including: course syllabus, textbook and/or materials selection, course goals and objectives, sample rubrics, etc…
  • Experiential learning as a means of applying communication theory to business communication situations.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the short course, participants will…

  • Understand the theoretical and philosophical rationale for the implementation of a course as part of the undergraduate education experience.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the nature and function of the various types of Business Communication, its key pedagogical philosophies, ideas and concepts.
  • Have access to a variety of pedagogical tools and resources to support the implementation and growth of a course in Business & Professional Communication.
  • To gain an understanding of the various elements of designing a course in business communication.

Teaching Methods

This short course draws from the educational and professional experiences of faculty who share a deep understanding of the disciplines of Business and Communication, in addition to real world industry experience.  Participants will engage in discussion, as well as experiential learning throughout the course. 

Target Audience

This short course is designed for professors of courses in Business & Professional Communication, as well as those persons interested in developing a course for their college or university.