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Alcohol... Health, Safety, and Prevention in Massachusetts, 4/13

April is Alcohol Awareness Month -- We invite you to join us at our Needham Public Health Community Forum to hear Massachusetts specific data on alcohol use rates and the economic and social impacts of alcohol. Our speakers include scientists and researchers who will present information on the risks attributed to developing an alcohol use disorder, including a focus on family history and early alcohol use impacting adolescent brain development. Speakers include Dr. David Jernigan from Boston University School of Public Health, Dr. John Kelly from Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Amy Turncliff from RockFern Scientific and the Massachusetts Alcohol Policy Coalition.

Alcohol... Health Safety and Prevention in Massachusetts 4/13

Thursday April 13th 7:00pm - 9:00pm at the Needham Town Hall - Powers Hall, 1471 Highland Avenue.

No cost registration required:

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