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2011 Fabricator Performance Analysis Report

Publisher: MIA
Year: 2011

This 2011 Performance Analysis Report (like its predecessors in 2007, 2009 and 2010) provides one of the most comprehensive set of benchmarks available on financial performance in the natural stone fabrication industry to date. The report is designed to provide fabrication shops with a tool to evaluate existing financial performance and to identify new ways to create improvement.

The 24-page report presents information in the following areas, each designed to assist managers in specific areas of inquiry;

  • Executive Summary-The summary provides an overview of the study results, with emphasis on the difference between the typical firm and the high profit company
  • Detailed Results-In-depth reporting of return on investment, income statement, balance sheet, financial ratios and productivity ratios is provided in this section of the report. Management commentary is provided to focus on the importance of these operating statistics.
  • Appendix-Finally, the appendix provides an overview of the survey methodology and detailed information on the calculation of the financial ratios used in the report.

The survey was made possible through the generous support and sponsorship of Laser Products Industries and Moraware.

New for 2011 were analyses of some key production metrics:

  • Average square feet of granite and quartz fabricated weekly
  • Yearly total production (square feet)
  • Templating method identification
  • Bridge saw vs. CNC use
  • Production tracking methods

Reports from other years are available:
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