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Toolbox Talk: Hazardous Chemicals

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Publisher: MIA
Year: 2011
Toolbox Talk: Hazardous Chemicals

Many chemicals used in the stone industry are extremely flammable. Mixing hazardous chemicals with unsafe work practices produces a recipe for trouble. The key objective of this safety download packet is to describe the dangers encountered storing and handling hazardous chemicals and recognizing safe work practices that reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. This safety packet is designed to facilitate face-to-face safety meetings, as well as provide additional information necessary to create an ongoing culture of safety training.

Two Toolbox Talks (safety meeting outlines) are provided:
  1. One toolbox talk outline will address a recent accident that occurred in the stone industry. Because this accident was investigated by OSHA, all can learn from the recommendations that were made and how to avoid a similar occurrence at your facility.
  2. A second toolbox talk outline will be provided to address Handling Hazardous Chemicals. This outline will not be focused on a recent accident - rather it will address additional "best practices" for that topic.

Both talks are presented as meeting agendas including overview, prevention recommendations and recap/review notes.

Additionally, this download will include:

Safety Checklist: This checklist includes recommended tasks that should be incorporated into every stone company 's safety program. The list corresponds directly to the topics addressed in the two toolbox talks offered that month. Sign-in Sheet: A generic sign-in to document those that attended each safety meeting. Documentation of attendance is critical and this sign-in sheet serves as an excellent tool for record retention.

Product of the Month: Information about a safety-related "Product of the Month" feature.

From MIA, 2011, 6 pp / safety toolbox talk download

This Safety Service Talk contains general guidelines. The Marble Institute of America and its Member companies have neither liability nor can they be responsible to any person or entity for any misunderstanding, misuses, or misapplication that would cause loss or damage of any kind, including loss of rights, material, or personal injury, or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this document.

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