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Stone Facility Safety Videos (package of 5 videos)

Publisher: MIA
Year: 2008

This 2-DVD set includes five safety-related training videos:

Silicosis: Incurable but Preventable
This educational video illustrates how you and your employees can eliminate the threat of silicosis in the workplace. It covers the particulars of prevention, including the equipment and procedures required to eliminate it as a threat in the stone shop. It includes sections on wet cutting and grinding, water treatment systems which remove the residual crystalline silica and air purifications systems which extract the silica dust out of the air and deposit it into disposable cartridges. Length: 21 minutes - introduced 2008.

Basics of Stone Slab Handling
This educational video demonstrates (far beyond what was initially introduced in the Basics of Stone Shop Safety video) the safe and proper handling of natural stone slabs used in stone shops, stone yards, and stone distribution facilities. It includes sections on slab transportation, slab loading and unloading, slab storage, and much more. Length: 16 minutes - introduced 2005.

Basics of OSHA Compliance for the Natural Stone Industry
This educational video demonstrates the importance of complying with OSHA regulations. It includes the top infractions that result in citations, fines or other penalties by OSHA inspectors, both at the federal and state level. It highlights the importance of natural stone professionals cooperating with OSHA to assure compliance, and a safe working environment. Length: 20 minute length - introduced 2005.

Basics of Stone Shop Safety & The Importance of Protecting Consumers in Slab Display Areas
This educational video demonstrates safe and proper operations in stone shops and stone yards. It includes the following sections: personal safety equipment, good housecleaning, general safety precautions, slab loading & handling, lifting injuries, equipment, electrical, compressed air, respiratory protection, and hazardous material safety. Length: 23 minutes - introduced 2004.

The Importance of Protecting Consumers in Slab Display Areas
This educational video highlights the importance of maintaining a safe environment for consumers at your facility. It tells the touching story of a young Florida boy who was killed in a slab display area. It is a must see for every stone professional. Length: 8 minutes - introduced 2004.

These training videos were created by the Natural Stone Institute and funded with generous grants from: Coverings™, Park Industries, Schechner Lifson Corporation, Daltile, Water Treatment Technologies and Dupont©.

This video package is also available in Spanish.

From Natural Stone Institute, 2008 / DVD Video

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