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Basics of Stone Shop Safety - Spanish Version (CD)

Publisher: MIA
Year: 2005
Bases para la seguridad en Talleres y Almacenes de Piedra Natural

Spanish version of the popular <"a href="">Basics of Stone Shop Safety - English version, this educational CD demonstrates safe and proper operations in stone shops and stone yards. It includes sections that highlight both employee safety, as well as maintaining a safe environment for consumers at your facility. It includes the following sections: personal safety equipment, good housecleaning, general safety precautions, slab loading & handling, lifting injuries, equipment, electrical, compressed air, respiratory protection, and hazardous material safety. Total length: 32 minutes (23 min. employee, 9 min. consumer). This CD was funded through a generous grant from AquaMix.

From MIA, 2005 / CD Video

We have packaged five safety videos into a 2-DVD set entitled "Stone Facility Safety Videos." This package includes: Basics of Stone Shop Safety, Basics of Stone Slab Handling, Basics of OSHA Compliance for the Natural Stone Industry, The Importance of Protecting Consumers in Slab Display Areas, and Silicosis: Incurable but Preventable. Refer to <"a href="">Item 10715 ($99 for MIA members and $129 for non-members).




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