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From the Quarry to the Kitchen (DVD)

Year: 2015

(Includes 2nd video, Natural Stone - Beautiful, Durable, Sustainable)
DVD Video (auto-loop) - 2013 version

The story of natural stone how it emerges from quarries around the world and is transformed into a thing of beauty in homes and offices has a magical quality that your customers find hard to resist. Newly revised for 2013, From the Quarry to the Kitchen contains fresh, new images of traditional and contemporary kitchens, baths and other settings that reinforce the beauty, durability and sustainability of natural stone.

Emphasizing the simplicity of maintenance, the function and limitations of sealers are clarified. Details of the many technological advances in the natural stone industry are highlighted including an expanded section on digital templating.

Finally, the video calls the viewer's attention to your pride and craftsmanship stating, "People in the stone industry are striving for two things: enhancing beauty of natural stone through craftsmanship and achieving the client's ultimate satisfaction."

Includes MIA's natural stone sustainability showroom video, Natural Stone - Beautiful, Durable, Sustainable.

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