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2014 MIA Fabricator Benchmark Survey - Downloadable Document

Year: 2014

For the second year, the Marble Institute of America (MIA) solicited input from North America fabricators during the fourth quarter of 2014.

The 2014 study was made possible by a grant received from Cosentino NA, KOHLER CO and TENAX USA.

While the survey questions were posed to fabricators, the report offers relevant information for suppliers and international companies seeking information about the North American market.


Table of Contents:

I.About the Participants
• Chart 1: Participation Statistics
• Chart 2: Breakdown of 2013 and 2014 Participants
• Chart 3: Participant Breakdown by Sales Volume
• Figure 1: Participant Breakdown by Sales Volume – Bar Graph
• Figure 2: 2014 Sales Volume
II. Employee Breakdown
  a. Average number of employees
• Chart 4: Employee Statistics
• Chart 5: Average Number of Employees by Sales Volume
  b. Average sales per employee
• Chart 6: Average Annual Sales per Employee
  c. Average payroll per employee
• Figure 3: 2014 Average Payroll per Employee Broken Out by Region
  d. Average payroll per employee by metropolitan area
• Figure 4: Payroll per Employee by Metropolitan Area
III. Facility Size
• Chart 7: Average Square Feet of Both Production and Showroom Space by Sales Volume
• Figure 5: 2014 Sales per Square Foot
IV. Equipment
  a. Equipment in Use
• Chart 8: Equipment Statistics
• Figure 6: Equipment in Use
  b. Planned Purchases
• Chart 9: Planned Equipment Purchases
• Figure 7: Planned Equipment Purchases
  c. Manual v Automated Shops
• Chart 10: Manual v Automated Shops
    i. Type of Construction
• Figure 8: Sales by Construction Type in Manual v Automated Shops
    ii. General Comparison
• Chart 11: Manual v Automated Shops
    iii. Utilities
• Figure 9: Average Utility Bill
• Figure 10: Average Utility Bill as a Percentage of Sales
    iv. Tooling
• Figure 11: Tooling Costs per Employee
• Figure 12: Tooling Costs per Employee as a Percentage of Sales
V. Sales
  a. Sales by metropolitan and region demographics
• Chart 12: Rural v Metro Area Statistics
• Figure 13: Sales by Metropolitan Area
• Figure 14: Sales per Employee by Metropolitan Area
• Figure 15: Average Sales by Geographic Region
  b. Sales by construction type
• Chart 13: Sales by Construction Type
• Figure 16: Sales Breakdown by Construction Type
VI. Stone Production and Sales by Type
  a. Square foot production
• Chart 14: Thickness of Material
• Figure 17: Square Foot Production Natural v Engineered Stone
  b. Spending
• Figure 18: Spending on Natural Stone as a Percentage of All Stone (2014 v 2013)
• Figure 19: 2014 Spending on All Stone
• Figure 20: Spending on Natural Stone as a Percentage of Overall Sales
• Figure 21: Spending on All Stone as a Percentage of Overall Sales
• Chart 15: Ranking of Natural and Quartz Stone Purchases by Geographic Region
VII. Use of the Internet in Purchasing
• Figure 22: Companies Using the Internet for Purchasing


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