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Safety Posters English & Spanish Set (Set-of-14)

Publisher: MIA
Year: 2015

This poster set has 14 posters: 7 written in English and 7 written in Spanish.

Powerful natural stone safety posters designed to raise safety awareness throughout your facility.  The seven-poster set covers common safety concerns while working with natural stone:

English Set:  Wear Safety Equipment, Keep Aisles Clear, Follow Safe Lifting Practices, Keep Work Area Clean, Respect the Slab, Safety Starts with You, and the "10 Commandments of Safety."

Spanish Set: Use el equipo de seguridad, Mantenga el paso libre en los pasillos, Siga las practicas seguras de levantamiento, Mantenga limpia el area de trabajo, Respete la losa, La seguridad empieza can usted, y "Reglas De Seguridad"

Poster size 22"x 28" (standard poster size).

Poster set has been fully updated!

From MIA, 2016/Poster

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