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Health and Safety in the Natural Stone Industry

A Collection of Training Videos on One Flash Drive

Publisher: MIA+BSI
Year: 2017
Manufacturer: MIA+BSI

A centerpiece of the ongoing Natural Stone Institute stone safety initiative, this is a collection of safety videos designed to kick start your safety training program.

Videos included on the flash drive:

Silicosis: Incurable But Preventable
This educational video illustrates how you and your employees can eliminate the threat of silicosis in
the workplace. It covers the particulars of prevention, including the equipment and procedures required
to eliminate it as a threat in the stone shop. It includes sections on wet cutting and grinding, water
treatment systems which remove the residual crystalline silica and air purifications systems which extract the silica dust out of the air and deposit it into disposable cartridges.

Fall Shadow
Wearing proper personal protective equipment or PPE; practicing good housekeeping; assuring that your equipment is maintained and safe; and making employee training and documentation a priority are just a few of the components to assure you and your fellow employees are working in a safe environment. Your understanding of the “fall shadow” is critical to maintaining a safe working environment for you, your fellow employees, as well as customers.

Natural Stone Installation: Best Practices for Safety and Success
From residential projects to small, mid-range, and major construction environments, these modules explain the elements required to keep stone and tile crews safe on the ground and while using portable lifting devices or scaffolds. The modules focus on the fact there is a striking difference between shop safety, where the environment is familiar, to being on location, where each location is different and
requires a clear plan of action.

Safe Stone Slab Handling II
Created by a team of stone industry safety experts, this video showcases best practices for safe stone slab handling. It includes those practices recommended by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), and the hazards of not following proper procedures. This video includes eight sections designed so that each section can be utilized as a stand-alone safety training session for your employees.

Priced separately you would pay over $400.  Buy the bundled flash drive today.

All safety programs are made possible by the Natural Stone Institute Safety Committee

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