NAPIM On-Demand Webinars

NAPIM makes every effort to ensure recordings of Live webinar programs are available. There are instances, however, where the information being shared is proprietary and therefore, a recording cannot be published.

Click on any of the links below to listen to recent webinar programs you may have missed.

NAPIM Webinar: ‎2023 Technical & Regulatory Update‎


The upcoming webinar will center around the present technical and regulatory concerns and endeavors ‎of the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM). An authority in relevant topics and ‎ongoing developments in the industry will be delivering insights on noteworthy subjects during the ‎event.‎

NAPIM Webinar: ‎The Value of NAPIM Membership - A Good Business Decision


During this webinar, you will learn about NAPIM's extensive engagement with state and federal agencies on legislative matters impacting the printing ink and printing industries. Explore our network affiliations and partnerships, the wealth of resources including white papers and guidance documents, and our commitment to sustainability initiatives. Get an exclusive preview of the highly anticipated 2024 Summer Course at Clemson University, along with insights into our ink industry market data programs and NAPIM's upcoming enhanced Convention in the fall 2024.

NAPIM Webinar: ‎Midyear Update


Hear directly from NAPIM leadership on a multitude of current market, technical and regulatory issues facing the U.S. printing ink industry. Topics to be covered include an update on foreign trade imports and exports, as well as the Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index for inks and input raw materials. During this webinar, you’ll also hear about NAPIM’s new Market Size Program and the Bio/Renewable Content Program. We’ll also address current state legislative activity affecting printing inks, as well as food packaging safety, and OSHA’s Hazard Communication Program Revisions. Make sure to register today to learn all this and more.