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QUARTERLY Volume 67 Number 1 March 2019




Major Review

The Structure and Measurement of Career Indecision: A Critical Review

Hui Xu and Cecile H. Bhang



Group Career Construction Counseling: A Mixed-Methods Intervention Study with High School Students

Jacobus Gideon Maree


Individualized Career Counseling Outcome Assessment: A Case Study Using the Personal Questionnaire

Paulo Cardoso and Célia M. D. Sales


Career Decision Self-Efficacy of Asian-American Students: The Role of Curiosity and Ethnic-Identity

Young Hwa Kim and Na-Yeun Choi


Identification and Integration of Career Theory: Students’ Perspectives on the Process

Natalya A. Lindo, Angie D. Cartwright, Peggy Ceballos, Charmaine Conner, Sarah Blalock, and Josh Edwards


Mindfulness and Decision-Making Style: Predicting Career Thoughts and Vocational Identity

Jacob Galles, Janet Lenz, Gary W. Peterson, and James P. Sampson


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