Practitioners and Educators Converge in Long Beach for Strategies and Techniques

By Markell Morris, President of the California Career Development Association

All are welcome to attend the NCDA Career Practitioner Institute in Long Beach, CA for “Practical Techniques and Strategies for Career Development Practitioners.” This one day event, October 6, 2017, also offers the option of a pre-conference Professional Development Institute (PDI) on October 5, 2017.


What is a Career Practitioner Institute?

NCDA offers these smaller, regional conferences for the purpose of

  • gathering practitioners together for a day-long event at a low cost

  • addressing the needs of the practitioners in the region
  • allowing NCDA Board members and representatives opportunities to present to and interact with smaller groups of practitioners
  • showcasing NCDA products and benefits to both members and non-members
  • offering CE (continuing education hours) to practitioners
  • convening NCDA Board meetings.


Who Should Attend?

All are welcome to attend! Practitioners in the field of career services, in a variety of work settings, would benefit from this institute. Because it is a one-day event (with an optional second day), it is perfect for regionally active career practitioners to drive-in.


What Does the Conference Offer?

The Keynote Speaker kicks off the conference at 8:30 am Friday, followed by two sets of presentations (with three choices of sessions each). After the lunch (included – lots of networking here!), another presentation series (of three choices) is offered. The Closing General Session caps the afternoon and concludes by 4:00 pm. Two PDI's will be offered on Thursday (as an option, with an extra registration fee). Once again, the CPI will be listed in the NCDA App for your convenience


When and How Should I Register?

Read the details about Registration, Agenda, and Hotel under Professional Development:Career Practitioner Institute. You may register online now -  click here.
The conference hotel is the Hilton Long Beach and reservations must be made by Sept 3rd.


Tell Me About the Presenters?

Sessions are presented by experienced professionals in the California area, NCDA Board Members, and others who typically present at the national conference. Here are the details about the Keynoters (read about all sessions and presenters online):

The Robots are Coming: From Job Elimination to Career Opportunity
Future developments in disruptive technology, economic globalization, and the movement toward mass higher education promise to destabilize work, the definition of career, and ultimately how individuals find purpose in life. During this session, we will explore the predictions around these trends and the implications for career development.  How can a career counselor effectively guide clients when trait-matching strategies seem too narrow to account for these rapidly evolving dynamics?   What client behaviors should career counselors foster to enable their clients to respond effectively to disruptive changes in work?  The session will conclude with an examination of the concepts and potential applications of the Chaos Theory of Careers, a theory that draws from ideas in both science and spirituality and was developed to guide preparation for careers in an environment of unpredictability.
Catherine Voss Plaxton, M.A.Ed., M.A., PPSC, Director, San Jose State University Career Center

The NEW Yellow Brick Road
No doubt, it's an exciting time to be a career practitioner. Think Linked Learning, Esports careers, YouTubers, three-year B.A.degrees and much more. We are definitely not in Kansas anymore. We will review career stories, innovations, trends and programs that can inform our work and provide us with both traditional and "other ways to win." 
Bob Tyra, California State University, Long Beach and Tyra Educational Services
Laura Forrest, California State University, Long Beach


Who Offers this CPI and Can I Get CEUs?

The CPI is offered as a collaboration between the California Career Development Association (CCDA) and NCDA. Part of CCDA’s mission is to support the professional development of career development service providers in California. The CPI in Long Beach gives career development professionals in the CA region and, in particular, CCDA members, a high quality professional development experience in a convenient location. CCDA is proud to coordinate the event logistics, presentation topic selection, speakers, and marketing with the NCDA headquarters. Attendees will be able to get CEUs for attending.


Why Should I Attend a CPI in Long Beach, CA?

NCDA and CCDA have created a program that highlights local and national career practitioners with expertise in a range of areas from ethics, economic trends affecting careers, career counseling theories and techniques, social justice competence in career counseling and mental health in career counseling to highlight a few. Both new and experienced career development professionals will find topics of interest and value. The CPI is also an opportunity to build your professional network of colleagues and gain CEUs.


Long Beach is a beautiful beach city in Southern California. The conference is located near the Pike, Shoreline Village and Downtown areas which offer family friendly activities such as the Aquarium of the Pacific and a variety of casual and fine dining restaurants. Long Beach is also easy driving distance to Disneyland/California Adventure and Knott’s Berry Farm amusement parks.


Where Can I Find More Information?

Full details are posted online under Conferences: Career Practitioner Institute.




"Parachute" Workshop for Counselors, Coaches and Career Changers

Pre-NCDA Career Practitioner Institute event

October 3-4, 2017, Long Beach, CA


Markell MorrisMarkell Morris is the President of the California Career Development Association (CCDA). She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling and has over 20 years experience as a career counselor. Markell established Futures in Motion, Inc. to inspire, encourage and empower people to live their best life. Markell is an associate faculty member at Santa Monica College Transfer/Counseling Center and adjunct academic/career counselor El Camino College. Visit the CCDA website at http://www.ccdaweb.org/ or contact Markell at [email protected]


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Juliana Parker   on Tuesday 08/15/2017 at 07:28 PM

Thank you, Markell! This looks like a fantastic event.

Lisa Raufman   on Monday 08/21/2017 at 12:57 AM

Thank you for getting the word out. I look forward to seeing colleagues on October 5 and 6th. Great program!

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