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Rent Increase Notices

Mint Hill Self Storage - Connie Long

Can "Rent increase notices" be emailed out or do they have to be sent paper mail, and how much notice do you give the tenants ?

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Kevin Leebrick on Thursday 07/28/2016 at 10:44AM wrote:


This depends on what your lease says. I think sometime in 2013 the NCSSA approved lease allowed for emailing if and when an email was provided. Older leases might have but you will have to check. You need to give your tenants 30 days notice either way.

IMO, I have found that sending the paper gets less push back then emailing them out. So to avoid such things we still print and mail them. I remember "accidently" emailing them out once and think I had 30% of people reach back out in regards to it. When I mail it's usually 10% or so.

Good Luck

Susan Head on Monday 08/01/2016 at 09:06AM wrote:


As stated you may want to review your lease as some may be older than others. You are allowed to email rate increase notices. You may want to begin with the ones you know to have working email addresses. You will need to give tenants 30 days notice.

You may want to mail out notices to those tenants you have not yet conversed via email to be sure they receive it. Also you may want to post a notice in the office regarding emailing informative notices to tenants to see the responses you receive.

Thank you.

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