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What do yo do if a tenant breaks into their overlocked unit?

Liberty Gate Investments, LLC - Jon Griffeth

What to do if a tenant breaks into their overlocked unit? If a disgruntled tenant (delinquent but not in lien) cuts the company overlock after-hours and moves out their stuff with a balance on their account - would you turn them over to a collections company, file a police report, or both?

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Kevin Leebrick on Monday 10/10/2016 at 11:47AM wrote:

I would immediately call them up and try to settle it without a police report. Do you really want to have a break in reported at your facility. I would let the tenant know everything was caught on tape and they have until the end of the day to come in and pay up. Let tenant know should they not choose the amicable route that you will be calling the police, filing a report and asking for the arrest. If word gets out that you "allowed" your tenant to do that with no repercussions you are truly squandering your reputation you have built. Good luck and keep us updated on what you decide to do.

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