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I am trying to locate a consultant/feasibility person in NC

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This came to NCSSA as an email, I will respond to Mr Harwood directly if anyone has any suggestions or referrals for him. - Thank you 

Good morning I am Allen Harwood. I own a small lot in Lenoir NC and considering self storage. The lot is long and narrow 84' x 586'. I have a friend that owns three facilities and just looking at the plat he thinks I could get as many as 85 units. The lot narrows evenly to 57.5' at the back. I am trying to locate a consultant/feasibility person in NC. Of course if this plan works out I will be joining the association. Will you please provide some information if available.

Thank you,
Allen Harwood

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Kevin Leebrick on Thursday 01/12/2017 at 11:55AM wrote:

I think there are several companies in the NCSSA that do this. Southeast Management and March Chase is one Company that comes to the mind right away. Our companies also does this kind of thing.

I'm sure others can chime in here and add of companies that provide these services.

March Chase on Thursday 01/12/2017 at 04:27PM wrote:

Yes, we offer Consulting and Feasibility Studies as part of our General Consulting Services. I'd welcome a call to start a discussion on your parcel and its possible use for self storage. Please contact me at your convenience at 804-436-2596 or via email, whichever you prefer.

Haviland Storage Services-Self Storage 101 on Thursday 01/19/2017 at 07:38PM wrote:


We offer market and feasibility studies and would be glad to chat with you to make sure you get started with the right study. We offer a few options. We have offices in AL and CA. I can be reached at 760-401-0297.

We turn our studies around in 5-7 days once scheduled and have many references to check on our work.


Alexander Lopez on Friday 01/20/2017 at 10:25AM wrote:

Hi there,

Current owner of Hibriten Mini Storage ( ) here. Lenoir is a good market. I bought the property almost two years ago and it has been a good investment.

However, so that you have full information, I will be adding 56 units (5x5 up to 10x20) to the West edge of my property this Fall. Take that as you will, i just know that had i bought my property/business with grand plans only to see someone build/move in the same area at the same time, I would have wished I would have known prior.

Best of luck and (possibly) welcome to the industry!

Alexander Lopez on Thursday 02/02/2017 at 06:05PM wrote:

You may consider climate controlled units. There are not many of those in Lenoir. Good luck!

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