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Shipping Containers as Storage

Affordable Storage LLC - Dan Preston

Hi, looking for some information on using shipping containers as storage. The owner of the property I manage asked these questions:
Have you had any problems with containers?
Where do you buy containers?
What is best size containers?
Who ships them ?
Who places them?
Any logistics issues learned?
If you had to start over, what would you do different?
Any recommendations?

Thank you!

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Gale Vaughan on Thursday 02/09/2017 at 04:40PM wrote:

The Rosemyr Corporation :



Portable Transport Sales Experts

Portable Transport Sales Business Opportunities

Are you a self-storage operator or business owner who is looking to diversify or create a new revenue stream? If so, Portable Transport Sales may be just the solution you are in search of.

Portable Transport Sales, owned by The Rosemyr Corporation, offers self storage operators and entrepreneurs an entry into the growing portable storage market––without the franchise fees and annual percentage rates associated with portable storage franchises.

The Delivery System is designed to operate with portable storage containers, modified to accept our Power Unit and Hydraulic wheels, to load, unload and be transported to your customer’s most convenient loading area. Click here to view the Delivery System video.

Our Sales Team can assist you with any questions you might have regarding the delivery system, starting your own portable storage business, choosing the right containers and ordering the components. Once your new delivery system is delivered, we will continue to work with you as a portable storage business owner by providing you extensive training and technical support.

To learn more about how our portable storage delivery system works, contact us today at (434) 528-0040 or (434) 660-4020. Stop by a Portable Transport Sales location in North Carolina or Virginia to see the Delivery System in action.

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Daniel Jaeger on Friday 02/17/2017 at 09:40AM wrote:

The best thing about Rosemyr's delivery system is that they can literally take the container off a dove tail trailer, keep it level at all times, and put it anywhere.

Most companies just bring a container, usually some form of plywood, and drop it off their trailer directly behind or to the side of their delivery truck. Rosemyr's patented system allows them to take the container off of their trailer and move it over different types of terrain which can be very useful for home owners and contractors alike. Think about how useful that could be.

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