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Urgent Information for Ohio ASCs

Urgent Information for Ohio ASCs

Language has just been inserted in the state's biennial budget (SubHB166) that would prohibit ALL health care facilities  from charging a facility fee for services.  Only the physician's professional fees would be allowed.  As stated in the language:

(B) A health care facility shall not charge a facility fee that is in addition to any fee for professional services unless both of the following apply:

(1) The health care facility is a trauma center.

(2) The professional services were provided not more than two hundred fifty yards from a building in which the health care facility provides trauma care.

This could impact almost every health care facility in the state including hospital based facilities.

The OAASC is on top of the issue, testifying, meeting with legislators and working as a part of a health care provider coalition to ensure this language is amended.

Member advocacy will be necessary in the coming days.  Please stay on alert to your email to contact your legislator and please contact the OAASC if you or your physicians have any questions (614) 358 - 0177 or

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