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MSHA Enforcement Alerts Website

 OAIMA has partnered with several of our sister organizations in the Midwest to offer what we feel will be a valuable resource for our members. The new MSHA Enforcement Alerts Website ( offers a venue to view and track trends in MSHA enforcement. The primary focus of the site is on descriptions of citations that mine operators believe deserve special attention because some aspect of them might take other operators by surprise. The element of "surprise" might include the nature of the violation, its designated level of seriousness, or other components, such as likelihood of injury or probable degree of injury. This interactive site allows operators to make comments on how situations that led to citations can be mitigated to achieve the dual purpose of making the operation safer, while avoiding future citations.

We hope you will find this site to be informative, beneficial and professional. The site boasts many important features including Guest Columns, Safety Links, Inspection Conduct tips and most importantly, recent Citations.

To optimize the value of this service we ask you to visit and take a look around. Posting a citation is quick and easy and will help us make this site a great resource for all of our safety conscious members.

Thank you to the many OAIMA members who have already posted citations on this site. Please let us know if you encounter problems or have suggestions to make this an even better resource for you, your company and your co-workers.


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