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4th Annual OAIMA Excellence in Safety Awards Program

We are pleased to announce the 4th Annual OAIMA Excellence in Safety Awards Program.

Please see the entry forms and documentation information for the 2017 Awards listed below:

Entries are due in the OAIMA office by October 19, 2018.

The 4th Annual OAIMA Excellence in Safety Awards will be presented at the OAIMA Annual Meeting Awards Brunch on Friday, November 16th.

A special THANK YOU to the OAIMA Safety Committee for their help in putting together a great program. 



2016 Safety Awards


Cedarville                  Platinum                   Ian Trefz

Phillipsburg              Platinum                   Brian Parks

Xenia                         Platinum                   Ian Trefz

E-Town                      Platinum                  Jenifer Lehman

Fairfield                     Platinum                  Jenifer Lehman

Apple Grove             Platinum                   Al Dudzik

Franklin                    Platinum                   John Frank

Spring Valley           Platinum                   John Frank

Troy                          Platinum                   Randy Arner

Shamrock                Platinum                   Randy Arner

Magnesia                 Gold                         Jenifer Lehman



Massillon                 Platinum                  Terry Roan

Bolivar                     Platinum                  Terry Roan



Bloomville                Gold                         Rolland Krueger

Sandusky                 Gold                         Greg Russell

Wagner                     Platinum                  Andy Harper

Waterville                 Platinum                  Paul Carbaugh

Sylvania                   Platinum                   William Kurtz



Marion                      Platinum                    Eric Johnson

Bucyrus                   Platinum                    Eric Johnson

South Cols               Platinum                    Eric Johnson

Upper Sandusky      Platinum                   Eric Johnson

Lima                          Platinum                   Nick Morris

Findlay                     Silver                         Nick Morris

Chesterville             Gold                           Eric Johnson

Buckland                 Gold                           Nick Morris

Cols Region             Gold                          Nick Morris

Rimer                        Platinum                   Nick Morris

Carey                        Platinum                   Ryan Phillips

Grove City                Platinum                   Eric Johnson



Collinwood             Platinum                     Don Johnson

Woodville                Platinum                     Don Johnson



Fredericktown                     Gold                         Jeff Schrader

Columbus S & G                  Platinum                  Kevin Evans

Columbus Limestone          Platinum                 Jared McCune

Wooster                                Platinum                Jeff Vansickle

St. Louisville                        Platinum                 Brad Cunningham

Upper Sandusky                  Platinum                John Miller



Central Allied Enterprises            Gold             Doug Woodhall



Zanesville (1)                         Gold                   Jim Brannon

Chillicothe (7)                        Platinum            Mike Moore

Enterprise (8)                        Platinum            Bob Crawford

Perrysville (14)                      Platinum            Kent Ewers

Streetsboro (16)                    Platinum            Dean Binegar


Melvin Stone Co. (Williamsport)               Gold                Jim Worley, Wayne Spriggs

Latham Limestone LLC (Lucasville)        Platinum        Jim Worley, Wayne Spriggs

Latham Limestone LLC (Latham)            Platinum        Jim Worley, Gary Havens, Wayne Spriggs

Melvin Stone Co. (Circleville)                  Gold               Clinton Worley, Wayne Spriggs

Melvin Stone Co. (Plano Rd.)                  Platinum        Clinton Worley, Wayne Spriggs

Melvin Stone Co. (Melvin Stone)            Gold               Sam Lansing, Gerald Lee, Wayne Spriggs

Miami View Mining LLC (Miami View)    Platinum       Sam Lansing, Wayne Spriggs

Melvin Stone Co. (Huber Heights)         Gold               Sam Lansing, Wayne Spriggs

Morrow Gravel Co. (Urbana)                  Platinum        Ed Muhlenkamp, Scott Johns, Wayne Spriggs

Piqua Materials, Inc. (Piqua)                 Gold               John Harris, Matt Niswonger, Wayne Spriggs

Morrow Gravel Co. (Ft. Jefferson)        Platinum      Ed Muhlenkamp, Scott Johns, Wayne Spriggs

Enon Sand & Gravel (Enon)                  Gold          Ed Muhlenkamp, Patrick Pottenger, Wayne Spriggs



Fairborn                         Gold                   Russell Trusty

Hardin S&G                   Platinum            Marc Zehnder

Miami River                   Platinum            Gordy Knick

Portable (Ludlow)         Platinum            Logan Capps

West Carrollton            Gold                    Logan Capps



Maumee                      Platinum                 Dave Baker

Celina                          Platinum                Michael Keckler

Clay Center                 Platinum                Mark Miller

Scott                            Gold                       Todd Rittenhouse

Carey                           Gold                        Dennis Overacker

Auglaize                      Platinum                 Todd Rittenhouse



Jefferson Mtls                      Gold                     Dennis Moore

Allied Corp. (Mass)              Platinum              Ken Rogers

Shalersville North                Platinum              Dennis Moore

Allied Corp. (Peter)              Platinum              Tim Byrd

York Center                          Platinum              Nick Barthel

Belle Center                         Platinum               Rusty Cox

Forest                                   Platinum               Dennis Overacker

Portland                               Platinum                Brad McPherson

Ostrander                            Platinum                Brad McPherson

East Fultonham                  Platinum                Brad McPherson

Reno                                    Platinum                Brad McPherson

Coshocton                           Platinum               Brad McPherson

St. Louisville                       Platinum                Brad McPherson

Cols. Limestone                 Platinum                Brad McPherson







2015 Safety Awards

Martin Marietta Aggregates

Randy Arner & Ian Treft

Cedarville                             Platinum             

Phillipsburg                           Platinum

Xenia                                    Platinum

E-Town                                 Platinum

Fairfield                                 Platinum

Apple Grove                          Platinum

Franklin                                 Platinum

Spring Valley                         Platinum

Troy                                       Platinum

Shamrock                              Platinum         

Magnesia                               Gold                     


Oster Sand & Gravel

Terry Roan

Massillon                             Platinum

Bolivar                                 Gold



Paulding             Laura Webb                    Platinum

Bloomville          Rolland Krueger              Platinum

Sandusky           Gregory Russell              Platinum

Wagner              Paul Schaffer                  Platinum

Waterville           Paul Carbaugh                Platinum

Sylvania             William Kurtz                   Platinum


National Lime & Stone 

Marion                                  Eric Johnson                       Platinum

Bucyrus                                Eric Johnson                       Gold

South Cols                           Eric Johnson                       Platinum

Upper Sandusky                  Eric Johnson                       Platinum

Lima                                     Nick Morris                         Platinum

Findlay                                 Nick Morris                         Platinum

Chesterville                          Eric Johnson                      Gold

Buckland                              Nick Morris                         Platinum

Cols Region                         Nick Morris                         Gold

Rimer                                   Nick Morris                         Platinum

Carey                                   Ryan Phillips                      Gold


Area Aggregates, LLC

Jim Bischoff

Collinwood                        Platinum

Woodville                          Platinum


The Olen Corporation

Fredericktown                  Scott Shaver                      Platinum

Columbus                         Jared McCune                   Platinum

Wooster                            Jeff VanSickle                   Platinum

St. Louisville                      Brad Cunningham            Platinum

Upper Sandusky               John Miller                        Platinum


Central Allied Enterprises

Doug Woodall

Central Allied Enterprises            Platinum


Mar-Zane Materials, Inc.        

Zanesville (1)                     Jim Brannon                   Platinum         

Zanesville (7)                     Mike Moore                    Platinum         

Zanesville (8)                     Bob Crawford                 Gold                

Zanesville (14)                   Kent Ewers                     Platinum         

Zanesville (16)                   Dean Binegear                Platinum         


Melvin Stone Co.                 Williamsport        Jim Worley               Platinum         

Latham Limestone LLC       Lucasville           Jim Worley               Silver              

Latham Limestone LLC       Latham               Jim Worley               Platinum         

Melvin Stone Co.                  Circleville            Jim Worley               Silver              

Melvin Stone Co.                  Plano Rd.            Jim Worley               Platinum         

Melvin Stone Co.                  Melvin Stone       Sam Lansing            Platinum         

Melvin Stone Co.                  Huber Heights     Sam Lansing            Platinum         

Morrow Gravel Co.               Urbana                Ed Muhlenkamp       Platinum         

Piqua Materials, Inc.             Piqua                  John Harris               Silver              

Morrow Gravel Co.                Ft. Jeff Plant        Ed Muhlenkamp      Silver              

Enon Sand & Gravel LLC     Enon                    Ed Muhlenkamp      Silver  


Barrett Paving Materials, Inc.

 Fairborn                                Rusty Trusty                  Platinum         

 Hardin S&G                          Matt Harris                     Platinum         

 Miami River                          Marc Zehnder                Platinum         

 Portable (Ludlow)                 Ed Oliver                       Gold                

 West Carrollton                    Jay McIntosh                 Platinum         


The Shelly Company       

Jefferson Mtls                         Platinum

Allied Corp. (Mass)                 Platinum

Shalersville North                   Gold

Allied Corp. (Peter)                 Gold

Portland                                  Platinum

Ostrander                                Gold

East Fultonham                       Gold

Reno                                        Gold

Coshocton                               Gold

St. Louisville                            Platinum

Cols. Limestone                       Gold


Foreman Application for Recertification


Satisfying Both Part 46 and Part 48 Requirements- Independent Contractors

MSHA will allow independent contractors who work at both Part 46 and Part 48 surface mining operations to comply with the training requirements of Part 48, instead of complying with both training rules.  This will eliminate the need for developing two training plans and complying with two record-keeping requirements.  These contractors may choose to comply with the New Miner, Experienced Miner, Task, and Annual Refresher Training programs of Part 48 to satisfy the training requirements for both regulations.  Independent contractors who choose to follow this policy must have their own Part 48 training plan approved by MSHA.

Part 46 defines construction workers who are exposed to hazards of mining operations as miners.  Independent contractors who perform construction work on Part 46 properties may train under their own approved Part 48 training plan to satisfy the Part 46 requirement for training construction workers who are exposed to hazards of mining operations.

Operators, at Part 46 operations, remain responsible for ensuring that Site-specific Hazard Awareness Training (Section 46.11) is provided to these contractors.

As far as paperwork that a Contractor should have available while on a mine site are:

  1. Legal ID
  2. Current and updated Training Plan for Part 46.  Part 48 Training Plan would also need to have the Approval Letter from the District Manager.
  3. Part 47 Haz-Com Program, Inventory, MSDS / SDS Sheets for any and all hazardous materials on site.
  4. Current Training Records for all employees on site or those who may be on site.
  5. Current electrical test if applicable.
  6. First aid training certificates if applicable.
  7. Emergency Phone list.
  8. Work Place Examinations for all active work areas.
  9. Equipment Pre Op Inspections.
  10. Fire Extinguisher inspections for yearly and monthly examinations.
  11. Hearing Conservation Program / Respiratory Protection Program if applicable.
  12. Most recent Quarterly Reports for the last 4 Qtrs.


Title of Links:         Part 46 48 Plans     Part 46 48 Training Handbook



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MSHA Enforcement Initiatives

5002 Dust Standards 2011

 Procedure Instruction Letter

5002 Introduction to Air Sampling

5002 Suggested Guidelines

5002 PowerPoint Briefing

ODOT Conspicuity Guidelines
Vehicle Lighting and Delineation (Conspicuity)
 Click here: Conspicuity Guidelines    SS800 


Training Materials


Workers' Compensation (BWC)


Holmes Safety Meeting Information



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