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A&E television program to follow Streetsboro police


By Rick Armon


STREETSBORO: City Police Chief Darin Powers knows that people can get a skewed impression of law enforcement through the national media.

That’s why he agreed to allow television cameras to ride along with his officers for the A&E show Live PD, a program that follows police from around the country live — in honesty, there’s a little time delay — on Friday and Saturday nights.

“I hope the public can see that our officers are professional,” Powers said Thursday. “They treat people with respect, and they do their job in a professional manner day in and day out.”

Season two of Live PD begins Friday, with Streetsboro police making their debut Saturday. The show will follow Streetsboro throughout the season.

The program, produced by Big Fish Entertainment, accompanies law enforcement in different communities around the U.S. at the same time.

From a studio, host Dan Abrams and analyst Tom Morris Jr. check in on different departments over a three-hour period from 9 p.m. to midnight.

“We want to take everyone in America on a ride-along,” Big Fish Entertainment President Dan Cesareo said about the premise of the show. “That is the access that the program delivers.”

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