Industry Info

The OCTA represents the broadband, cable television and telecommunications industry in the Ohio General Assembly, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and the United States Congress on issues of importance to our current and future businesses.

The Association also conducts and coordinates a number of public affairs programs for its members and works with the media to communicate issues and events of importance.

Cable's Contributions to Ohio

  • The cable industry employs more than 9,100 people across Ohio.

  • Ohio cable creates more than 83,000 direct and indirect jobs to Ohioans.

  • Broadband and Cable has reached more than 3 million households statewide.

  • The Cable industry annually contributes $13.8 billion in economic impact.

  • Cable operators collect and pay over $160 million annually in taxes and fees.

  • Cable operators have invested over $3 billion in updating equipment and technology in the past three years.

  • The cable industry contributes millions in cash and in-kind support, as well as volunteer time, to local charities and organizations in Ohio.

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A complete glossary of cable telecommunications technology is available on the web site of The Cable Center .




For additional national industry information and statistics, visit the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) website at