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Former FTC Chair Takes Aim at State Broadband Bills

Former Obama Administration Federal Trade Commission chair Jon Leibowitz was in Massachusetts Tuesday to argue against a state bill creating its own network neutrality rules and regs and ISP contract terms and online privacy protections in the wake of the FCC's elimination of its own regs.

Leibowtiz is a partner at Davis Polk in Washington, where his clients have included Comcast, and co-chair of the ISP-backed 21st Century Privacy Coalition, which he said said he was representing, though he added that his views were his own.

According to his prepared testimony for a hearing before the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, Leibowitz said he recognized "the sky did not fall" when the FCC, during the Obama Administration, reclassified ISPs as Title II common carriers. But he said that reclassification did have costs to consumers, including diminshed deployment of broadband, according to the FCC, as well as removing broadband consumer protection from the FTC's jurisdiction.

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