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Cable Old Timers Who Can't Get Enough of Each Other

Feeling lonely without a National Cable Show to attend about this time of year?

Check into the "Cable Old Timers" page on Facebook, and you'll see familiar faces and convention memories without the bother of sales pitches, new product frenzy, sore feet or frazzling flights.

This online adventure in nostalgia has attracted nearly 3,000 members in the few weeks since it went sort-of-viral, said Mark Solow, who set up the page several years ago but "never did anything with it."

In late April, he and other cable veterans in the Dallas area attended the funeral of "Cable Pioneer extraordinaire Tom Soulsby" (as Solow calls the late executive from Sammons and other cable systems and a former Texas Cable TV Association president). Some friends suggested that Solow revive an old local event -- a periodic lunch of Dallas-Fort Worth cable TV personnel.

Instead, Solow went home and "stayed up until 2 in the morning" making a list of about 80 local people to join his moribund Facebook page called "Cable Old Timers."

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