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Spectrum launches mobile phone network in Cincinnati

After acquiring Time Warner Cable and launching Spectrum in the Cincinnati region, Charter is boosting its offerings locally with a new mobile phone service.

Charter Communications (Nasdaq: CHTR) announced Tuesday the full launch of Spectrum Mobile in the Cincinnati market. The network, which uses Verizon towers and offers the same level of mobile coverage, had been testing in a soft launch earlier this summer.

Spectrum Mobile is available to new and existing subscribers to the company's internet service in Cincinnati. The service currently requires customers to purchase a new phone, but Spectrum plans to allow subscribers to bring their own devices starting later this year.

Spectrum Mobile currently offers two plans:

  • The unlimited plan starts at $45 per line and offers unlimited data as well as free talk and text. Customers on the unlimited plan can open up to five lines. The plan gives customers 20 gigabytes (GB) of high-speed data per month, after which speeds can be throttled for the remainder of the billing cycle. The plan also allows subscribers' phones to be used as a mobile hotspot, but that data counts toward the 20 GB allowance. Customers who do not maintain a Spectrum internet subscription are charged an additional $20 per month.
  • A by-the-gigabyte plan where subscribers pay in advance for a set number of gigabytes of data per month billed at $14 per gigabyte. Customers who do not maintain a Spectrum internet plan will be charged an additional $20 per month.


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